Yes seriously. Well maybe not too seriously.

This whole world of blogging and being an Independent Publisher of eBooks is an adventure not to be missed, which is why at the ripe old age of sixty three, I have embarked on this fun journey. Back in 1836 Charles Dickins first published The Pickwick Papers in serial form in a magazine, pioneering a way new authors could have their high quality and varied works in print cheaply for a mass audience. This is exactly what eBooks are doing today. For some of us who have been published in the traditional way through the huge monopolizing multinational publishers, eBooks have given us back not only our freedom but greater access to our readers across the globe.

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and with the advances in computer technology and electronic devices, we have limitless genres for our readers. Added to this are opportunities for authors to flex different writing skills from literary fiction, non-fiction, satire, science-fiction without being “pigeon-holed”.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate being “put in-a-box”, hence my tagline, and would love to read your opinions on the subject.

Blogging and eBooks are freedom, and I embrace the opportunity with wide open arms which is why I have joined the eBook revolution.  I look forward with great excitement to connecting with my fellow authors and readers in this great adventure.