Following on from yesterday’s little rant, I noticed that Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney and his new ultra right wing Conservative Christian-Zionist friends are going to dismantle all the Obama Administration’s Policies. Today it is Immigration.

Every four years, sometimes eight years we go through the same stuff. A new Administration, toss out the recently passed policies, bring in new that suit the 1% and pretty much screw the rest of the Nation. Only problem is we have a Congress that refuses to come to a consensus on anything. The Far Left wants what the Far Left wants and the Far Right wants what the Far Right wants and the Leaders of both parties bend and flex to the will of whomever pays the most and whomever seems to be the “Voice of the People”. But they have no idea what the “Voice of the People” is. Gerrymandering was a term we learned in school to describe the corrupt practice of rigging elections, now it is used as if it is a normal, fair and legal practice. We have the Governor of Florida trying to ensure a rigged election by disenfranchising everyone who is not Republican, just like Florida did to ensure “Dubya” was elected.

What a disaster that Presidential Election debacle turned out to be for the country.

Trillions spent on a phony war; tens of thousands of people killed; hundreds of thousands maimed; the surplus turned into a deficit and the Banks ruining just about everyone’s life for massive bonuses and champagne lunches. Not to forget our “loyal” (that’s sarcasm to our right wing friends) Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen who are now millionaires thanks to a deregulated Banking Industry, run-amok Lobbyists and “Citizens United” thanks to a Supreme Court bought and paid for by the super rich Right Wing Plutocrats.

So the question is. Forwards or Backwards?

Even the Bureaucrats in Government are not working for We the People anymore, and who can blame them when they can see the gold flowing into and through Washington DC. So my contention is that Willard Romney and his Tea Party – retitled Neo-Conservative – buddies will take the country back to the Victorian era of the Lumber, Mining, and oil Barons. The Unions will be dead and everyone will be slaves to toil away in order to line the pockets of the already insanely wealthy. Not that I am against being paid well for a job well done, but honestly, does anyone really think the Leaders of the Banks, Hedge Funds and manufacturing Industry giants have done a great job?

But the problem doesn’t stop with Willard and his pack of right wing ‘Raats’ (Republicans Against A Truthful Society) because there are a ton of Left Wing super wealthy dudes who love the idea of a Fair and Just Society, just as long as it doesn’t change their lifestyle or bank balance in any way shape or form, so they will sit on their hands, shake their heads when Willard is elected and then heave a sigh of relief, because deregulation means their offshore Bank Balances will swell even more.

Only a well informed and educated voting populace can decide the outcome of a crucial election that will dramatically affect us all.

Oh, wait a minute, Willard wants to cut Public Education too.

Forwards or Backwards?