One of the great things about writing books, especially now with eBooks, is the freedom to be able to write in many different genres to satisfy the creative lust. And one of those genres for me is the Political Thriller.  Writing is both subjective and objective and the novel form is a very easy place to simply pound on your own political agenda as an author. 

But where are the boundaries?

Should authors have boundaries?

To the last question I would propose an emphatic yes, but not without a great deal of thought. It seems to me that authors have a responsibility to their readers, both those that agree with the view points and those that do not. Certainly I have tried to garner truthful facts when writing a political thriller and sometimes those facts do not always   fit my agenda, because yes we all have agendas based on our belief system. 

So as an author what do you do when the facts don’t fit the plot?

For me the novel provides a chance to explore those contradictions through the characters and let the story unfold as the characters play out their lives on the page. The adventure in my “stream-of-consciousness” style of writing is that I never know what is coming next, where the characters will take me inside the general plot I have created and if my personal agenda is changed, destroyed or even reinforced something will have happened that hopefully has not only entertained and informed the reader, but also myself in the process.

It sounds arrogant to say that I stay as apolitical as possible when writing a political thriller, but I hope I do, because there are so many opportunities through satire and this blog to be partisan and push whatever political agenda I have.

So in my mind there is a clear distinction when it comes to writing political thrillers, because in the excitement of the action it is too easy to skew the readers. Most open minded readers are intelligent enough to see what is happening and to make their own decisions, but there is still the obligation by the author to have all the facts presented within the novel.

My main worry is whether or not I succeed, because the problem is trying to redress a balance that seems to have disappeared from our society.  The lines are drawn and like the Berlin Wall require a bulldozer to tear down. So many Governments have a policy of Revisionism, to change the facts of history to suit their agenda, let’s hope that the writers of Political Thrillers create a balance by setting their novels with historically correct content.

Author’s Agenda? Sure I have one.