Well sort of yes, and sort of no. But mostly yes. Well here’s what I mean.

Back in 2007 I was watching with great cynicism the whole of Dubya’s ‘hands-off’ approach to U.S. domestic issues, while he continued to meddle in other country’s affairs all over the Globe.  It’s actually a standard practice for Dictators, Plutocrats, Megalomaniacs and other sundry Politicians to try and divert the population’s attention from a fast approaching Economic Depression by establishing some dire abstract threat from overseas. So while we were getting thoroughly nauseated by the death destruction and insanity of the Iraq War, nobody noticed that the country was being stolen out from under our feet, from the inside.

Anyway while watching all this happen, I thought I would jot down some simple ideas for a more just Society that could possibly actually benefit society rather than destroy it. It started as a joke and then something more serious began to emerge and as it turns out, my musings were somewhat prophetic.

Back in 2007, the word Paradigm was on everybody’s lips so I thought why not have my own. Create my own booklet that everybody can carry about and read studiously every time they felt the urge to screw their neighbour.

So it is with great fanfare, or not, that I present the Preface to my musings on the Demo-Socio-Capitalist-Economic-Global Condition.


A Booklet for a more Just Society

(Born on Saturday March 24th 2007) 

Paradigm: a philosophical or theoretical framework of any kind

The word ‘Paradigm’ first appeared in English in the 15th century, meaning “an example or pattern”.

Clarke’s Paradigm is a blueprint for a Socio-Capitalist Society encompassing the Freedoms implicit in a Free Democratic Political System, plus a little more. 

It is series of ‘Laws’ that will help people conduct business and social interaction, in a way that will benefit both business and society.

Capitalism and Socialism need not be mutually exclusive.

The Definition of Capitalism: An economic system in which trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit. (Oxford English Dictionary)

There is nothing ambiguous about that.  Pure capitalism is exceptionally self-centred. “I own it, you pay for the privilege of enjoying it.”

The Definition of Socialism: A political and economic theory advocating that land, transport, natural resources and the chief industries should be owned and managed by the State. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Nothing ambiguous here either. The Government decides which industries and services it wants to own and control.

Why Clarke’s Paradigm?

With the collapse of the economic system of greed-based capitalism, and the destruction of health care, education and welfare for the elderly, the time has come to examine the roots of our Democracy and Society.

Any discussion on health care, education and welfare for the elderly in the USA more often than not leads to angry exchanges and slurs of ‘Socialism’, ‘Communism’ and ‘why should we pay for other people?’

I believe there are fundamental human rights that are essential for a healthy, efficient and successful socio-capitalist democratic society. Without those rights we will end up worse off than we are right now, and in the worst economic depression since the 1930s.

This is not a lengthy Treatise, it is a small booklet designed to be read and tucked away in a pocket, perhaps the same pocket that holds your iPhone or Blackberry.

It seems to me that it was perhaps this type of Socio-Capitalist Society that the Founders were looking to create when they wrote the Constitution, rather than the violent, selfish, demagogic society we now have in the U.S..


The First Law of Clarke’s Paradigm:

“Competition and Profit should not exclude Social Justice.”