Watching Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney making his very short, very muted speech after the Supreme Court’s decision on The Affordable Health Care Act, I was struck by the fact that he looked completely shell-shocked, almost frozen to the spot.

If a decision by the Supreme Court leaves Romney so rattled, what on earth would he be like the President of the most powerful nation on earth?

There are daily problems both Foreign and Domestic that the President has to deal with every day. Momentous decision that involve the lives of Americans, indeed the lives of people all over the world. What would Romney have done when faced with the decision to send the men of SEAL TEAM 6 into Pakistan to take out Bin Laden? Certainly Bush demurred on going after Bin Laden when they could have taken him at Tora Bora, that from the CIA and SEAL Teams on the ground who knew they could get him.  That lack of decision making on Dubya’s part cost thousands of American and NATO lives and continues to kill soldiers and civilians today.

Republicans are great on rhetoric, but it seems they lack the ‘cojones’ to carry out important decisions, and when the decisions go against them, especially from a Supreme Court they think they own, they are caught like deer in headlights. Republicans simply want to hand over the responsibility of Government to Private Enterprise and Super Rich Plutocrats, that way they don’t have to do anymore than count their largesse and retire with full medical coverage and full pensions all paid for by We The People.