Since the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, the Republican Party has shown us what really lies beneath the mask. Fury at the Supreme Court for not doing their bidding and a blind hatred of the Obama Administration and indeed of the President himself.

The definition of a Bigot according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is “A person who holds an opinion or belief obstinately and is intolerant towards those who do not. bigoted adj. narrow-minded and intolerant.”

Not only do the Republicans revile the fact that every citizen should have Health Care as a Human Right, they positively hate anyone who opposes their view. They hate and revile Gays because they do not fit into the Republican Evangelical Anti-Evolutionary Bible Thumping Theocracy; hate and revile a Woman’s Rights such as equal pay, equal opportunities and the right to decide what happens to their bodies.

They applaud the Death Penalty, Pre-emptive War and the death of thousands upon thousands who do not have Health Care and under the old system could never get Health Care. They say they hate elitists and yet receive billions upon billions in corrupt donations from the “elitist” super rich, which in any other country would be called Bribery, and yet shout from the rooftops that they are Pro-Life.

They are bought and paid for by the NRA, hence the Holder debacle and seem to think that putting the words “God and Guns” into the same sentence is not an oxymoron.

Now they are set to hold the entire country hostage to their child-like tantrums because they did not get their way with the Supreme Court. My young grandchildren have more sense, more empathy and way more intelligence than the entire Republican Party put together.

They were so convinced at that they owned the Supreme Court, that their selfish, power hungry, destructive manipulations have been finally exposed by the one person they thought they could rely upon. Chief Justice Roberts. Whose action will probably go down in history as an attempt to recover the integrity of one of the three elements of a US Government that has seen a monstrous decline in morality and ethics over the past decade. A trend President Obama has tried to reverse, unlike his predecessor.

If Willard “Mitt” Romney, by some stroke of sheer lunacy by the American People, becomes President then the power behind the throne will be Eric Cantor, who already controls the House and Senate Republicans, and we will return to the ‘Dubya’ Bush days when US Foreign Policy was controlled directly from the Knesset.

If you don’t believe me then put the blinders on, vote Willard into Office, and watch us go to War with Iran.

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” H.L. Mencken

We now know who the Monkeys really are.