We all know about Government waste.  And we all know that Government’s know about Government waste.

So why do Government’s continue to waste money, resources, time, and energy in the 21st Century?

I don’t know if there is an answer to that, but here is a little story to illustrate my point.

On Friday, July 6th 2012, I received a letter from a Government Department in the UK. Inside was another letter from another Government Department in the UK. The one Government department had sent the letter to the other Government department so that they could send the letter to me.  This started on June 1st 2012. By the time I received the letter it had been traveling for over one month. The first letter was on very thick, brochure type paper (remember this is a Government Department) the second letter on standard Government yellowy looking paper. 

Now think on this.  We are in the 21st century when email has become the standard method of communication. The first letter had an email address, but the second letter, from the “Senior” Government Department had no email address, just telephone numbers.

So this morning I had to call to find out what this was all about, to be met by voicemail. Now, with no email address to send my reply back to the second and senior Government Department, I have to send a letter.


Because I haven’t had a call back to the ‘phone call I made to the Senior Government Department (as they requested) this morning that I got up at an absurdly early time to make, because of the time difference.

What does this mean?

Paper means destruction of diminishing resources, known as trees.

Paper means employing somebody to type the letter, on a computer (unless they still use typewriters), print the letter, buy an envelope (more trees going down), send it to the mail room (more under-utilised highly paid Government workers) a trip to the mailbox and one month later, hey presto, I get my letter which could have been sent via email at no cost by the person writing the letter and instantly delivered the same day, to me.

“Ah”, I hear some anal retentive Government official say, “but this is sensitive Private and Confidential material that could get hacked if we send it by email.”


If, in this day and age, Governments cannot figure out how to protect their computers, we are all in the Poo up to our chins, as if we aren’t already.

So essentially, the month it took to get here aside, this letter probably cost a thousand dollars in time, wasted paper, postage and energy.

Sounds dumb to me.