Well this is too good to miss isn’t it? The sudden inexplicable rise in Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney’s Twitter followers by over twenty thousand a day. 

Now in every single Political campaign on all sides of the Political spectrum, eager campaign staffers are urgently using every means possible to gain an advantage, be it fudging the figures on campaign donations, ignoring the facts because they don’t fit the message, or using the latest gimmicks in social media to make it look as if the preferred candidate is having a meteoric rise in popularity.

Now in this particular incident it is especially suspicious because of recent indications that actually the mere mention of Romney’s name is guaranteed to actually turn people away, not garner support.  A good reason for using his real first name when blogging, makes people curious as to who the hell I’m talking about.

Anyway, shouldn’t candidates have a measure of control over just what their staffers do? That’s assuming it was a Romney staffer as opposed to a tactical attack by the rival camp.  Whichever it is, it just goes to show how utterly stupid Campaign Politics are, particularly as anyone who uses Twitter knows about fake followers and it is pretty easy to see that a sudden rise like this is due solely to buying fake followers. 

What do these people think they are doing?

Are they all five years old?

Now I’ve little doubt that Willard himself is completely unaware of all this. He probably thinks Twitter is the annoying sound of birds that wake him up every morning. And I am sure the President is probably shaking his head in disbelief that some juvenile idiot, from whichever side, would think that buying fake followers was an ingenious global plot.

Now on the flip side, supposing the followers are in fact real and not fake. Now we have a whole new scary scenario akin to the conversion of Jews to Christianity.  Perhaps it’s a plot by the Church of Latter Day Saints who sent out a memo to their followers to open Twitter accounts and follow Willard.

Yeah right.

All I can say is that this is a symptom of just how fake Political Campaigns really are. Billions of dollars spent by both sides in an effort to create lies of massive proportions that turn off the voting public faster than a Newt Gingrich speech.

My guess is that come November we will see the lowest voter turn-out in history which will mean that the next President will have been supported by the lowest common denominator in our society.

Oh joy.