The Republicans are at it again.

I give you OPSEC.

Of course it was only going to be a matter of time before some group of Republicans created a ‘secret’ group whose identities for the most part are kept secret, because they say they are all former Special Operations Group members, incorporated in Delaware the most secretive State for Incorporations in America. This group of Republicans, who say they are non-political – isn’t that what the ‘Swift Boat Campaign said? – call themselves, wait for it:

Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc. 

Wow. Sounds really really impressive if you are five years old and forming a secret society in a tree house at the bottom of your garden.

Funny how these groups appear in an election year, as vehicles to create a smear campaign based on untruths, half truths and fiction suitable for a child’s adventure novel. The sad thing is how gullible the American voting public is. All somebody has to do is say ‘I was Special Operations and I can’t tell you exactly how, what or where, you understand, because it’s national security, but I know all about this stuff’, and the voting public nod their heads and open their eyes wide in awe.

It is a classic Republican disingenuous, disruptive and dishonest strategy aimed at blinding the American voting public to the true dangers of a Republican Presidency in 2013.

Look what happened last time the ‘Swift Boaters’ succeeded. It brought us more Dubya and Dick; an insane Banking system free of all regulations that plundered the wallets of an unsuspecting and naive American public, and toppled the world into an economic crisis we will be lucky to claw our way out of for decades.

And the promise of Romney & Ryan – sounds like a teenage TV show – is to provide much, much more of the same. You’ll not only lose your house, but your car, your health, your pension and everything else you have worked for all your life.

Does America really want that to happen?

Does America really think a Venture Capitalist who shipped jobs overseas is going to give you a job?


Does America really think that ‘trickle down’ worked?

No, it gave us more credit than we could possibly afford to pay back; unrealistic mortgages on over priced houses, and then the Banks came calling just as they had intended, to repossess everything.

The only way the economy is going to change is if we change from a ‘Me Society’, into a ‘We Society’.

Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc.?

A fake company, with fake claims, hoping to fake-out the American Voters. And the sad thing is, a great many people will believe their lies and distortions.