Really, you can’t even put this stuff into a satirical novel without being blamed for stretching imagination too far.

Enter Mr. Akin that well known Republican who believes that somehow magically the female body senses ‘legitimate rape’ and can automatically abort the unborn child. He’s been reading too much fundamental Southern Religious clap trap.

Then we have that famous skinny dipping, ‘I’m boozed-up and having fun in the Sea of Galilee and Paul Ryan is my buddy’, Representative Kevin Yoder.

That is being followed by that equally unattractive, somewhat idiotic and uninformed country singer Hank Williams Jnr, who calls President Obama ‘a Muslim who hates America’. Of course he’s on a par with gun toting moronic Ted Nugent as far as all that stuff goes.

Silly season has arrived, with rich former entertainers and has-beens running to the Republican party in terror lest their taxes are raised and they actually have to contribute to society in a positive and uplifting way, instead of singing bad, whiney country songs with awful lyrics and a melody we’ve all heard two millions times before.

Is it so impossible for anyone who has anything to do with politics and the election to come up with sensible, solid, informed, economic policies that will actually do some good for this country instead of just rustling up the Muslim nonsense and the ‘Birther’ rant?

Are we still such a racist country that the good ole boys cannot stomach to see a Black Man as President, albeit he’s half white?

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that really pierced the insanity of the abortion debate. It said “If you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?”

I really think that if the Republicans triumph over common sense, and actually win this election, we will be thrust even further back in time than the Bush years. This is supposed to be a free country, and yet Gays are not only denied the freedom to marry in most of the country, but denied most other basic social rights that so-called ‘straight’ people have. Women do not have the freedom of control over their own bodies, and big business and special interest groups control our very existence and our voting capability.

Do you really think you are Free?

All the time you hear Republicans banging on about the Constitution, and yet they are the ones who will trash the Constitution in an instant if it no longer suits their purpose.

Paul Ryan says he ‘loves his guns and his religion’. Guns are designed to KILL, you moron. What don’t you understand about that? So I guess he just ignores the Thou shalt not kill part of the Bible. Perhaps it just isn’t in his version. And I guess Gay people are not human and women should be persecuted.

Wow. Now that’s a great way to run a country.

Welcome to the 15th Century.