In all the weeks, months and years that I have been watching, listening to and participating in politics and the constant back and forth of so-called debate, what has crystallized for me is the battle between Belief and Human Rights. And none so much as this past week with the issues of women’s rights.

For the most part Belief means Religious Belief, an abstract unprovable concept created thousands of years ago from primitive fear and superstitions, modeled into a system of controlling the masses, with……primitive fear and superstition.

Modern monotheistic Religious Belief stems from Abraham, a guy who went up a mountain and came back down again, and was able to convince a group of primitive superstitious people that he had talked to a Supreme Being, who said and I’m paraphrasing here, better behave or you’re all dead. ‘Well let us talk to this Being’, the crowds cried, ‘Sorry’, says Abraham, ‘I’m the only one that talks to the Supreme Being so you’d better listen to me’.

Fast forward to Jesus Christ, another person who is the only one capable of talking directly to the Supreme Being, after all ‘he’s my father’.

Fast forward again to yet another person who shall not be named and the same thing happens.

And it is on the basis of this mumbo jumbo bull…. that we have Government policies that have either been enacted, or will be enacted if the two R’s get their way, that are in direct violation of basic Human Rights, or what should be basic Human Rights.

Belief changes Human Rights. Belief is a weapon to be used to subjugate some or all of our Society by excluding people who don’t Believe.

Here are some Human RIghts that Belief tramples on.

A Woman’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE whether or not to have a child, WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

The RIGHT for ANY ADULT to marry, live with or have sex with ANY OTHER ADULT they choose, WITHOUT PREJUDICE.




So what RIGHTS do the Republicans advocate.

The RIGHT to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL? Offshore Banks, Offshore Investment Funds, Offshore Insurance Companies, Offshore Oil Companies et al.

The RIGHT TO AVOID PAYING TAXES? ‘I’m rich so I don’t have to, you’re poor so you do’.

The RIGHT to KILL with PRE-EMPTIVE WAR and THE DEATH PENALTY. ‘Pro-Life’ not withstanding, after all Pro-Life is a Belief.

The Right to HYPOCRISY? I can say and do as I please because I can change the Bible’s words to fit my own belief, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just create another Religious Book, based on information I found in a forest that nobody can see, and start a Church.

Fundamentalist Creationists BELIEVE the world started with Jesus Christ. No Big Bang Theory. No dinosaurs. No Stone Age, Iron Age. No fossils. The Earth with everything on it just appeared as if by magic.

This is a Secular society, it was created that way so that the citizens of this country can be FREE, not shackled with abstract ideas and beliefs that at best, are just insane interpretations of ideas created by superstition and primitive fear.

In every religion, belief, there are straight forward simple social rules.  DON’T KILL, DON’T SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOUR, DON’T STEAL to name but three. The rest that the two Rs and their Teaparty Pals want to enforce on the population are simply their beliefs. If the majority of the population votes to be enslaved, so be it, but the problem is that it is a minority of a minority that actually votes for the President, Senators and Congressmen.

We are Governed at all times by those elected by the fewest number of voters, doesn’t that scare the crap out of everyone in this country or are they too busy watching, BIG BROTHER, AMERICAN IDOL and all those other mind numbing shows.

Or perhaps they are in Church, or watching TV Evangelists hoping that the Rapture will arrive and suddenly they will be sitting on a cloud somewhere playing a harp.

I have no problem people believing whatever they want to believe, except when those Beliefs trample on and eradicate my Human Rights. Then I get pissed.