On the eve of the GOP Convention in Tampa Florida, the national political scene is descending even more into insanity.

We have comments by the GOP candidate for the Presidency of the United States once again raising the specter of President Obama’s country of birth, albeit in a sly smirking remark about the fact that he himself was raised in Michigan.

What troubles me more was the words he used, a white man, standing in front of a predominantly white crowd saying, “I didn’t have to show my birth certificate.”

What sort of a remark is that to make, when so many right wing conservatives hold racist views? Anyone got an answer? Or is the GOP candidate trying to deflect attention from his own issues.

Gawker released 950 pages of documents relating to Bain Capital and Romney’s successful ability to avoid paying US Federal Income Tax. The documents, of which I have downloaded and read quite a few, are a manual for ‘would-be’ tax avoiders, providing of course that you have millions and millions to salt away in hidden companies, that have hidden companies that have blind trusts that aren’t really Blind Trusts because the Trustee is a personal friend and lawyer, which is against Federal Law.  But when you have millions and millions invested in Hedge Funds and Venture Capital companies that also have clients in Government and the Judiciary, who is going to take you to court?

Bain Capital is a series of Delaware companies, Hedge Funds, Cayman Islands Companies, Trusts, companies with almost Victorian secret titles in a complex series of hidden assets which lead to blind alleys and no real disclosure as to the total global assets.

And the GOP Candidate wants the American people to trust him with our money and our future?

That leads me to the Bedlam part of the title of this blog.

Bedlam was the nickname given to Bethlem Royal Hospital, the world’s first psychiatric hospital located in London. A hell hole in it’s early years when it started in 1247. Why bring it up here? Because the word Bedlam has become synonymous with chaos and insanity. Hurricane Isaac lurks in the wings just to further add to the craziness. It’s as if the Gods are tired of the deliberate lies and the denial of a multi-milionaire that continues to avoid paying Federal taxes.

I think the expectation of the People of the United States is that their President not only keep to the Letter of the Law, but also the Spirit of the Law, which expects that all citizens, however rich and capable of manipulating the Law, honour their citizenship by paying their way fully and completely.

No doubt the GOP Convention will raise the added issue that the USA is no longer a secular society, but a Religious society Governed by the extremes of religious belief, which will then be foisted on the majority of the population even if they don’t want it.