By now everyone in the world will have heard that Lance Armstrong has decided to ‘give up’ his fight against he USADA. A fight he was certainly going to lose by the simple math of statistics. Although the USADA has no legal argument, not factual argument except hearsay which is disallowed in a court of law, they have managed to create an aura of certainty and moral hypocrisy that even the World Governing Bodies of Cycling disagree with.

I say Moral Hypocrisy because anyone who watched the Tour de France this year must have been disconcerted and baffled that during the breaks for advertising and short infomercial style news snippets, there were promotions for a “Performance Enhancing” product that increased the body’s ability to perform longer and harder. 

What? I did a double take.

Isn’t that precisely what the USADA has been fighting against, and yet we see no moral outrage from them about these infomercials viewed on American Television during the Tour de France? A conspiracy theorist would be wondering if there was a subliminal message from the USADA there.

Then it dawned on me that perhaps the USADA has a hidden agenda. Perhaps the USADA actually has been trying to sabotage the Tour de France and the World Cycling Authorities. Just think of the timing of the release of the decision to go after Lance Armstrong.

Just before the start of this years Tour de France.

It meant that Jan Bruyneel, who manages the US cycling Team withdrew from the Tour. Team Radio Shack was in turmoil, in fact most American riders were adversely affected. But for what reason?

Why has the USADA chosen to try and destroy world cycling?

Is it that the CEO of the USADA has an agenda to mount a US version of the Tour de France? Or is it just a religious, moral stance rather like the Spanish Inquisition where witnesses are coerced into false statements so that their own careers are not harmed?

The Tour de France is arguably the hardest physical endurance test any athlete can subject themselves to. Day-after-day of hundreds of miles in the saddle at speeds that boggle the mind, up mountains that have mountain goats thinking twice. Sure doping has been a part of the sport, just as it has been a part of every sport, but because Lance Armstrong passed every single blood test during his tours; because the UIC supported him against the USADA; because the sponsors, the City of Austin and people around the world support Lance Armstrong, it further infuriated the USADA, to the point where they are relying purely on hearsay evidence from those athletes who did not pass their blood tests, and those who definitely have a hatred of Lance Armstrong and all he has accomplished.

Witch-hunt is a a very tame phrase to use.

I am reminded of the writer H.L. Mencken who said ‘The worst government is often the most moral. One composed of cynics is often very tolerant and humane. But when fanatics are on top there is no limit to oppression.’

It seems we are in one of those morality-at-all-costs extremes in this country, when common sense goes out the window in an effort to make an example of somebody no matter what manner of destruction occurs as a result.