Andy Murray


Even if you never watch tennis or any sport for that matter, the Men’s Singles US Open final between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic was perhaps the best I have ever seen. A memorable match that spanned five hours of punishing play, where the gasps of the players as they hit each shot in the final set, became louder and louder as the effort to keep playing at such a high level took it’s toll.

Murray came in as the underdog, and emerged a hero to a nation who have been waiting 76 years for an English Man to win a Grand Slam title. The last British Woman to win was Virginia Wade in 1977 when she won the Wimbledon Ladies Singles. And I watched that match too.

This is the stuff of novels. The courage, determination against all odds and sheer will power when even the weather isn’t playing nice, and an entire nation is sitting on your shoulders. To win a Grand Slam Final is extraordinary, but to win in a truly remarkable record-breaking match is almost the stuff of fiction, and I loved it.

Both men played extraordinarily well. Physically pushing themselves and never willing to give up at any moment, pulling themselves back from the brink of defeat time and again. But there has to be a winner and being a little Nationalistic I have to admit to standing, pumping my fist in the air and screaming with joy like a little kid seeing his first bicycle at Christmas, as Murray won the match with a perfect game.

Well done kid, we’re proud of you.