As a former soldier turned author, I tend to include politics – among many other topics – in my books, and take a keen interest in those who would govern our country. The reason is simple and I’ve said it before, politics and religion rule our lives whether we like it or not and freedom comes with the responsibility to vote. So you better know what you’re voting for.

Politicians are the people who send men and women to war, and in many cases to their deaths, so it bothers me a great deal when those candidates, who would presume to lead this country, don’t seem to care very much about us. The People.

Mitt Romney’s remark that ‘my job is not to worry about those people’, when talking about 47% of American voters, even elicited a response from William Kristol who called it ‘Arrogant and stupid’. That from the Neo-Con of Neo-Cons.

The carefully managed veil of secrecy that has hidden Mitt Romney’s true persona from America, finally slipped. Over the past few months, he seems to have cultivated a habit of insulting just about everyone with whom he comes in contact.

He insulted the British people over the Olympics before the Games even started, which outraged everyone including the Prime Minister, with the press calling him ‘Mitt The Twit’.

He insulted the Palestinian people by saying that they do not want peace with Israel and therefore he’s not going to do anything about helping to bring peace to the Middle East if he is elected.

Now he’s insulted 47% of the people of his own country.

Yes Mr. Romney, the job of the President of the United States of America is to care about ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  And yes, that even includes extremely wealthy plutocrats just like you. I will fight to defend your rights in America just as I will fight to defend the rights of the 47% you disavow. How dare you, Mr. Romney, how dare you turn your back on those on whose backs you have become a very wealthy man?

In all the years I have lived in this country, been a citizen and voted, I have never heard a Presidential Candidate express such disdain, dislike, and disregard for WE THE PEOPLE. I have disagreed with policy, but never disliked a candidate with such fervour as I dislike and distrust Mitt Romney. It is always important to listen to the speeches of all the candidates from all sides in order to reach a balanced view, but to hear the lack of respect that Mitt Romney represents is disturbing. All candidates in their Convention speeches have praised the troops who serve this country, but not Mitt Romney. Apparently they only matter as a political football when it suits. And apparently he didn’t think on such a huge National stage, that either serving soldiers, sailors, airman, or the wounded and dead from Iraq and Afghanistan deserved a mention.

To you Mr. Romney I say this. Although I am a disabled veteran, and part of the 47% you so disdainfully reject, I am not a ‘victim’, and I find your remarks and omissions insulting and disrespectful. Any prospective Commander-in-Chief better be aware of the demands of Leadership and better be respectful of those he wishes to lead if he expects those people to follow him.

Mitt Romney rails against ‘entitlement’ and yet he struts the stage as if HE is the entitled one. Just a few pointers here Mitt.

Health is not an entitlement. Fair and equal pay is not an entitlement. It’s a Human Right.

Education is not an entitlement. It’s a Human Right.

To love whomever you want to is not an entitlement. It’s a Human Right.

A woman’s right to choose is not an entitlement. It’s a Human Right.

And when you’ve lost everything, are down and out because very wealthy plutocrat bankers and venture capitalists like yourself destroyed the economic fabric of our society, getting on your feet again is not an entitlement. It’s a Human Right.

In my book AN UNQUIET AMERICAN, I took issue with the Bush Administration over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their overbearing foreign policy, but even Dubya was not insulting nor did he display the arrogance of Mitt Romney when it came to talking about the people of the United States or our allies, indeed Tony Blair was Dubya’s biggest cheerleader.

I am presently writing a sequel to AN UNQUIET AMERICAN. Started over eighteen months ago, it is entitled THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN ON EARTH and little did I know when I started how prophetic that title really is.

Mr. Romney if you do not think that All Americans are important and worth working for, you do not deserve to be President.