The motive for writing “AN UNQUIET AMERICAN” came from the deep sense of betrayal I felt as George W Bush took office and the country slid back twenty years to policies of deregulation, favours to the rich, sabre rattling and ultimately two unsustainable and unwinable wars built on conning the American people.

In the year 2000, I became an American citizen because I felt a pride in President Clinton’s America. An America that intelligently grew economically, solved international problems with an open mind, and an international diplomacy that treated all countries and all peoples as equally deserving.  I wanted to be a part of that America I had known as a teenager, growing up amongst Americans in Iran and Libya where my father worked for oil companies.

I was proud as I stood with 5,000 other immigrants, hand on heart repeating the oath of allegiance. Proud to receive my certificate and a letter signed by President Clinton.

All that changed when George W Bush won the election. I even told a group of friends, mostly Republicans, that if George W Bush was elected, this country would be taken back 20 years and we would go to war with Iraq, after all it was in their Defense Review of September that year, the same review Romney is pushing now.

War with Iraq happened, and thousands of young Americans, and tens of thousands of Iraqis died as a result.

George W Bush’s Republicans raped the Constitution and virtually destroyed the economy of the USA, and yet now we see the rise of another “Flim Flam Man”. A charming, glib talker, whose only mission in life is to win the Presidency and he will do anything to attain that goal.

During the Republican debates, we saw Romney change his approach and utterly destroy his Republican opponents with lies and distortions that took my breath away. So blatant are his lies and reversals, so astonishing are his denials of recorded comments, and so horribly unconvincing is his ease of convincing people that he didn’t mean the negative things he said, and was misinterpreted, that I really thought I was watching George C. Scott in the 1967 film ‘THE FLIM FLAM MAN”.

That is not to say that the President’s performance in the first debate was good, it was not. It was well below expectations and a disappointment, but even I would have had my breath taken away with Romney’s total distortions.

Twenty Four Million unemployed? The true figure is half.

But lies and distortions, delivered with a disarming smile and a veneer of truth are the tools of the confidence trickster, “A Flim Flam Man”.

George W Bush brought my dreams, hopes and aspirations of my hard won citizenship spinning toward the ground, to be rescued by the promise of Obama. Then we saw the real devastation of George W Bush’s Presidency plummet the country into a tail spin, before Barack Obama even took office, and I wondered if the Republicans had deliberately sabotaged their own Presidential with run John MacCain because they knew what was coming, and didn’t want to take the responsibility for the recession and all that went with it.

Why else would any Presidential Candidate choose Sarah Palin as a running mate? That was like a self-inflicted wound.

When I became a citizen in 2000, I felt that America had fundamentally changed, had grown-up, come of age and had accepted its role in the world with a certain grace and humility. But that was dashed in November that year when George W Bush manipulated his way into the White House without the consent of a majority of the America people, and proceeded to pillage America.

We are at that same point yet again, when a smug, grinning, “Flim Flam Man” can take this country back to the days of the Robber Barons, because he is a Robber Baron and believes that the workers of this country are here to serve him and his kind.

My fear is that once again the American people will be duped by this snake oil salesman, conned once again by the bright lights of wealth, sneering defamation of his opponent and the false promise of The American Dream for every citizen.

I do not want to see this country be taken to war with Iran, which will happen under Mitt Romney’s watch. Don’t forget that under Reagan, the United States backed Iraq against a war with Iran, that Iraq did not win, at the cost of over a million lives. The United States even supplied chemical weapons for Iraq to use, which it did. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were instrumental in this war, just as they were in the recent war against Iraq. Saddam hussein was even made an Honorary Citizen of Detroit.

I do not want to see a country run by a Minister of a Minor Religion when this country was founded as a Secular Society and Government.

I do not want to see this country, once more, become extreme, radical and the bully of the world.

In “AN UNQUIET AMERICAN” I laid out all the fears I had about the extreme policies of the Neo-Conservatives and how radical, extreme ideas of the past destroyed so much. Most Americans are not the braying annoying tourist caricatures that constantly irritate the people of other countries with their belittling comments and superiority complexes. Those are the Romney people. Those are the people who feel entitled to trample on everybody on their way to riches created by special interest groups and lobbyists and stolen from hardworking people.

The common theme among Plutocrats and Dictators, is that they have no social policies and no wish to create a just and fair society, so War provides another focus for the people, a greater fear than that of poverty. The false threat to Freedom is the engine that powers their drive for control of the Government.  And the Republican Neo-Cons have announced very clearly, that their policies will take this country to another war in the Middle East.

“THE FLIM FLAM MAN” was a comedy, but this Presidential Election is deadly serious. Can we afford another round of Ne-Con policies that will most certainly plunge the world further into recession and war in the Middle East? And if you think my fears are alarmist and unrealistic, think back to the George W Bush years and ask yourself if you want, not only more of the same, but a more extreme, plutocratic, and even more dangerous Government led by religious dogma and Neo-Conservative ideology.

“AN UNQUIET AMERICAN” is not just a novel, it is a journey through America’s foreign policy throughout my lifetime, from my birth in Hong Kong, through living in India, Iran and experiencing the Revolution in Libya in 1969. It shows the historical mistakes that have led us to this point in time, and the mess in the Middle East. We need to heed history and not compound past mistakes and turn the Middle East into another blood bath.