That all important opening phrase in the Declaration of Independence, “We the People”, has been changed by the Romney Tea Party NeoCons to “We, the Plutocrats”. As Romney gleefully said, he doesn’t care about 47% of the American People, only those who are ‘his’ people. Not to mention that the Romney family has investment ties to a company called Hart Intercivic, who just happens to make voting machines used in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Hawaii. Machines that peculiarly seem to fail, or have ‘software’ gliches in Democratic leaning precincts. Hmmm.

Anyone paying any attention to history and current events, will see an eerily similar confluence of political and social issues. Over two thousand four hundred years ago Plutocratic Tyrants in Greece destroyed the country’s Democratic system of Government (the empire was run by thirty plutocratic tyrants until democracy was restored a few years later).

Four years ago American Plutocrats set in motion a series of catastrophic financial events that have all but destroyed the economies of not only Greece, but half the world. And even though the responsibility for this destruction is clearly at the hands of the Plutocrats, they blindly, arrogantly and self-centerdly refuse to acknowledge that they had anything to do with the Global Economic meltdown. It seems that it must have been the responsibility of the middle classes and poor people, because it’s all their own fault that they don’t have money. Plutocrats don’t care about people who they consider to be ‘slaves’ to the agenda of the powerful super rich. They even think they should pay even less taxes than they already, sometimes, pay. They have managed to have their incomes renamed ‘carried interest’, and so are subject to maximum of only 15% tax rate instead of a minimum 25% that us ordinary people are subject to. No wonder they want to eliminate Capital Gains tax.

How does this happen?

Simple really. The Plutocrats have enough money stashed away to be able to ‘carry’ their invested profits for a year before accessing them. By doing that their tax rate drops to 15%. There’s nothing like having offshore companies and unlimited credit to be able to live for a year without a ‘taxable income’.

What was it that Willard told a student who asked what he should do about the spiraling costs of student loans? “Shop around”, Willard magnanimously answered with a sneer and walked away not giving a crap about the prohibitive costs of student loans, a problem that Willard and his buddies in the financial sector had created in the first place.

When was the last time you paid less than 15% interest on anything and managed to pay only 13% income tax as well?

The illusory world the modern Plutocrats live in is beyond what we ordinary people can imagine. They believe that they are the only ones capable of fixing the economy using the same methods that destroyed the economy in the first place. Their reality is in their own entitlement, greed and self-centered pseudo-superiority.

And the Guru of the modern morphology of the original disease, is none other than the Plutocratic Religious Leader Willard “Mitt” Romney.

Fix the economy? No, Willard is not an economist, he is a money maker for his own bank account. There is a vast difference between running a Country and a Private Hedge Fund. The company Willard built was purely for selfish reasons, to line his own pocket and the hell with everyone else. That is not a healthy attitude for someone wishing to run a country of 300 million people.

And there is another thing that people simply refuse to talk about.

If this country is to maintain its separation of Church and State, then what the hell are we doing even entertaining the idea of having a Religious Leader, as Willard himself espouses to be, as President of the United States of America? Not only a Religious leader but the Leader of the Plutocrats whose aim in life is not “We the People” but “Me the People”. Some Republicans are even going to vote for President Obama this time around, because they view The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) as a cult and not a religion. As one former Republican voter said “I don’t want a cult leader running the country”. As far as I am concerned the jury is still out as to the actual designation of the Mormon belief. But then as far as I am concerned, any religion of which the foundation is based on finding tablets on mountain tops, golden plates in forests or a flash of light in the desert, is deeply suspect. Especially when it is only one person in every case that “God spoke to”, and everyone was supposed to believe them. Try doing that in today’s enlightened society. You’d be put in a straight jacket, they’d lock you up and throw away the key.

Can anyone think of anything worse than a sanctimonious Christian/Mormon Minister Plutocrat running a country of such diverse social, ethnic and religious beliefs. Willard’s “my way or the highway, I’ll do and say anything and switch positions on every policy I previously espoused” attitude to 47% he doesn’t give a crap about, not to mention denying women’s rights to self determination over their own bodies and equal pay for equal work.

Over a decade ago I wrote DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE the first in THE BOOK OF BAKER series, a humourous satire of how I saw the sudden melding of American presidential politics, outrageous wealth and religious ideology. I thought it was a complete and fictional exaggeration of our socio-political system, but what has happened in the last few years is disturbingly like the events I write about in the book. Reality meets fiction. I had so much fun creating the insanely funny characters and situations, thinking that I was writing a novel of the absurd, only to find that there are uncanny resemblances to real life. The second book in the series ARMAGEDDON follows the Government’s decision to go to war against an unarmed nation and the third Book GENESIS REVISITED nearing completion is what happens when all our beliefs and social structures turn to mush. THE BOOK OF BAKER is my humourously mischievous look into the crystal ball of religious, social and political nonsense, my attempt to shine a light on the absurdity of our beliefs, partisan stances, social fears and human frailties.

I am AN UNQUIET AMERICAN just like the character in my book of the same name. I fear for this country, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that promise so much. I fear for the social and economic destruction of this country by the Plutocrats that should not have the power they do. The Founding Fathers will be turning in their graves at what is happening to the country they sacrificed so much for, unlike the Plutocrats who have sacrificed absolutely nothing and instead have raped this land of its riches for their own personal gain.

This election in a few weeks time will be a watershed. There is a simple choice. A country run by Willard “Mitt” Romney’s “Me, not the people” Plutocrats, or a country run by “WE THE PEOPLE”  as intended by our Founding Fathers.

For those still in doubt as to the seriousness of our current position, and what the future may hold if America’s Plutocrat-in-Chief Willard “Mitt” Romney is elected, reflect upon this quote from Nobel Prize Winning economist Joseph Stiglitz:

“Of all the costs imposed on our society by the top 1 percent, perhaps the greatest is this: the erosion of our sense of identity, in which fair play, equality of opportunity, and a sense of community are so important. America has long prided itself on being a fair society, where everyone has an equal chance of getting ahead, but the statistics suggest otherwise: the chances of a poor citizen, or even a middle-class citizen, making it to the top in America are smaller than in many countries of Europe.”

It’s your choice America.