Yet another GOP ‘God and Gun Club’ Candidate has joined the growing ranks of stupid, sanctimonious Republicans.

Richard Mourdock announced that pregnancy from Rape is what “God Intended”. Holy crap, what are these guys on? Has our society drifted to the point of total insanity? Religious extremism in the United States is reaching epidemic proportions, and those responsible are not Muslim, they are avowed Fundamentalist Christians.

When I wrote my satire, DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE, the first of THE BOOK OF BAKER trilogy, I really thought that in the pursuit of writing thought provoking and entertaining comedic satire, the political and religious characters and situations I created were as far into the ridiculous as I could make them. Now I’m thinking I simply did not go far enough. The ridiculous is a reality occurring right in front of our eyes.

This obsession by the Right Wing in this country for all things Religious seems only to be accelerating qt warp speed. Who in their sanctimonious warped mind, would think that conception through rape was God’s Plan? Seems that the Right Wing Fundamentalist Christian Tea Party Neo-Conservative Republicans use God as an excuse for just about everything. Rape, going to war, thinking of going to war, racism, bigotry, and downright stupidity.

As a father of four daughters and grandfather of four grand-daughters, I for one do not want to drift back to the dark ages of the Victorian era where women were treated as less than second class citizens. And that’s is where the GOP want to take this country.

Any women thinking of voting for Mourdock must, in all good conscience, revisit their decision and wake-up. Do the women of this country really want to be controlled by someone like Mourdock, or the man who endorsed his run for the Senate, Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney?

The ‘Pro Life’ religious nuts in this country are also the ones who vehemently support the death penalty, and think going to war is a good thing. How in all logic can you be Pro Life and be Pro Death Penalty? I guess they are only ProLife if it means controlling women’s choices about their own bodies, and this in a country that proudly proclaims FREEDOM and LESS GOVERNMENT IN OUR LIVES, while at the same time wanting to control everyone and curb their Freedoms.