Last night Jon Stewart refused to get into the insanities of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, and instead paid tribute to Veterans who serve and have served this country, and come home to a country that insists they are not qualified for jobs they have been doing in combat.

No need for me to cover the show you can watch it online at this link:

When you watch this show you will be stunned that it is the Republicans in Congress who are blocking funding legislation to enable Veterans to find jobs when they return from combat. And it was Republicans who sent these men and women to war in the first place; wars costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

Romney bleats about not having enough planes, ships, tanks – but in the last debate, he never mentioned the plight of veterans returning to civilian life after combat at all, or the priority of passing the funding legislation his Republicans are blocking. In fact Romney doesn’t seem to like to talk about real people, simply vague ideas.  That does not do this country justice.

As a disabled veteran myself (from my service in Britain’s elite Parachute Regiment) I am always appalled at how Governments treat their veterans, as if they are used, surplus-to-requirement items to be discarded at will. At least under the current administration, the First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have worked tirelessly to try and plug the holes in the system and help veterans and their families, but without legislation passing through Congress there is very little they can really accomplish.

To hear Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer talk about the action he was involved in, in Afghanistan, and the frustration of not being able to make life-saving decisions in the heat of battle, but rather suffer from the lack of leadership from the commanders ‘sitting drinking coffee in a comfortable room’ away from the action on the ground, reminded me of why I wrote my book CONTACT in 1983 about my experiences in Northern Ireland in the bloody 1970s. Nothing, it seems, has changed in the way Government, Generals and Politicians in the USA and UK behave toward the soldiers, sailors and airmen they send into battle. Not only did Dakota Meyer have the courage to help his brothers on the battlefield, he had the courage to take the Generals to task in his book. Read it in the comfort of your home and be suitably chastened when you fully realize what our young men and women do for this country.

I am glad that Jon Stewart saw fit to highlight the plight of Veterans by ignoring the nonsense of people like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and give airtime to what really matters.