In 2004, after George W Bush was voted back into office for a second term, the British tabloid the Daily Mirror carried the Headline on a black background, “How can 59 Million people be so Dumb?” The first time around with the Bush Administration was bad enough, and then we went through the second round, into economic chaos and two wars that have been prohibitively costly in men, women, children and treasure.

Now we are facing a similar disaster waiting to happen if Willard “Mitt” Romney and the Tea Party Neo-Conservatives somehow manage to steal this election.

All our allies and just about every other modern country in the world is praying that Willard doesn’t win. Many in this country, particularly right wing Republicans, will say ‘we don’t care what every other country in the world thinks’, but the problem with that kind of thinking is that it really does matter what other countries think. This is a Global economy, and understanding our allies and other countries we do business with, is desperately important for the continued improvement in our own economy and security. We do business with these countries, and rely upon them for support in foreign policy and none of them want more wars to sap more of their people and treasure.

This is not the 1950s when American came out of WW2 with a thriving economy, mainly because every other country was bankrupt, having to rebuild their towns and cities as well as their industries. We are now dependent upon other countries for a balance of trade. We do not have the supplies of rare minerals we need to build computers, smart-phones, microprocessors, nor the skills to take over the jobs we so happy shipped abroad during Dubya’s daze days.

America can no longer declare isolationism as a sane Policy in this modern world. Indeed it was never a sane policy as I point out in my book AN UNQUIET AMERICAN. I have lived and worked in many countries around the world, survived a revolution, and seen the damage that cavalier American foreign policies have done in other countries.

Do Americans really want to step backwards sixty years, bury their heads in the sand and pretend nobody else exists?

Having just spent the past month in UK it is so very interesting to get views from various nationalities. Without exception just about everybody I talked to is dreading another Bush-look-alike Administration. Even a great many moderate American conservatives here are going to vote for President Obama, Colin Powell included.

But it is not only Europeans who don’t want Romney, there are ex-patriot American voter living in Europe and elsewhere who want President Obama to win. One of the reasons is that they cannot understand the Republicans vehemence against a National Health Service, having experienced it in Europe and overwhelmingly endorsed it, and that includes Republican ex-patriots.

As a disabled British War Veteran living in America, it is better for me to buy a flight to UK to get checked out in the British National Health Service, than to buy insurance here and take my chances with a Private American Health Industry that I do not trust with my life (this is a topic I shall revisit before the election takes place). To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) would be to set this country back decades, yet again. But even the PPACA doesn’t go far enough, because in this modern age, we should realise that Health Care is not a privilege, it is a Human Right. War is Human Destruction. Which would you rather pay a little for?

We pay billions and billions for War to kill people, but we don’t want A National Health Service to save people?

Many Americans are jaded by the economic recession and blame the current administration for not completely fixing, in four years, a problem that took nearly a decade to create. Many are just plain racist, as a recent study discovered and cant stand the idea of another term for the President.

Whatever the reasons, are 59 million Americas going to be ‘so dumb’ again? It’s a scary thought.