Any politician who campaigns in these next few days should be ashamed of themselves, as Hurricane Sandy continues to roll across 17 states. Now is the time for focusing on the people affected by the Storm, those who have died, those who have been injured, those who have lost their homes and everything they worked for all their lives.

Watching last night’s special news coverage of the devastation of the East Coast, and the lives that have been torn apart by Mother Nature was a humbling experience.

Here in California we have earthquakes, most notably the Northridge quake of 1994 when 59 people were killed and 8,700 injured. My house in Hollywood nearly came off its foundations. The damage cost more than $20 billion and at the time was the costliest natural disaster in US history. The quake lasted 10-20 seconds with numerous after shocks for days.

But Hurricane Sandy is massive, far reaching and will last all week from the East Coast through the Mid West and up to Canada. Millions and millions of people have been affected, some have died and many will carry emotional scars for many years to come. A storm of this magnitude has never been seen before in this country, we have watched similar disasters in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the African coast, whether by typhoons, earthquakes or tsunami. We have our share of tornadoes that destroy whole towns, but never a storm that affects nearly half the country, either with highs winds, flooding or massive snow fall.

Before we get back into the political fistfight that culminates next week, we should take time to reflect on what is really important. Life. Caring for one another and putting our differences aside for at least a little while thinking of those who have suffered in the past few days and will continue to suffer for some time to come.

I would urge the candidates to suspend their campaigns until everything that is humanly possible to do, is done. What happens in the East and Mid West affects us all, and those who do not believe in climate change might want to wake up and recognize what is happening and what will continue to happen. As a species we need to change our basic self-centred greedy thinking, acknowledge the consequences of our own actions on the planet at large and look to the future instead of just the present.

I wrote about similar thoughts some time ago in my satire THE BOOK OF BAKER. It’s a comedy with serious undertones and the startling (and worrying) thing is, that the tongue-in-cheek story I wrote many years ago, is actually starting to happen.