By endorsing President Obama for re-election this week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg once again held true to his independence. By focusing on the issues that are most important to him, dissecting them and ranking them by their consequences, he came to the conclusion that tackling Climate Change is very important not only for the future of this country but of the Planet. Hurricane Sandy is just the beginning of super storms that will grow in magnitude if we do not address the very real threat of Climate Change.

We cannot stop  a natural disaster, but we can blunt its force by not proving extra fuel to its fire. Any thinking person knows that we human beings have been destroying the delicate balance of our atmosphere through gas emissions, CO2 emissions and toxic waste. And yet Willard “Mitt” Romney sides with the non-believers simply because it suits his political agenda.

If Independents in this election vote for a flip-flopping-lying-flim-flammer then my view on the intelligence of this portion of the voting population will be destroyed and I will be AN “even more” UNQUIET AMERICAN. Independents have always been the steadying force among the electorate, taming the extremes, focusing on important issues and while they may not agree with everything the candidate they finally vote for espouses, they will make a considered choice, not a knee-jerk selection.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made a considered choice, and will no doubt fight for those policies he wants to see changed as well as those with which he agrees with the President. His choice is a lesson in how a True Independent thinks through the issues of the day, and makes up his own mind untarnished by the pressures of either major Political Party.