There is a reason I call myself AN UNQUIET AMERICAN and Paul Ryan amplified that feeling with his comments to a bunch of evangelicals, telling them that President Obama “……compromises those values, those Judeo-Christian, Western civilization values that made us such a great and exceptional nation in the first place.”

These are Republican scare tactics at their most insidious, reaching into the religious right wing’s psyche that worships myth, legend, and blind fear. Religions that would cast anyone not believing their dogma into the eternal pit of damnation.

Religious fear mongering has been at the heart of the Republican drive, a weapon that modern civilized societies left behind long ago. But it seems to thrive in America and the idea and indeed practice of the separation of Church and State is in grave danger of being destroyed by the neo-conservatives who would take this country back to a Spanish Inquisition like ideology. Just the tone of Paul Ryan’s comments echo those of religious leaders from ancient times, and the establishment of Religious leaders in the White House threatens people’s freedom in a way Americans should be very very wary of.

Romney and Ryan are the ones who really do threaten these Freedoms.

Freedom for a woman to choose.

Freedom of Equal pay.

Freedom to be healthy.

Freedom to live a retirement without fear.

Freedom from Plutocrats who want to enslave the middle classes.

Freedom for citizens to vote without restrictions.

Freedom of Religion and not just Judeo-Christian dogma.

Freedom to live without Fear.

If the above Freedoms are important to you, vote for President Obama.