Sense is defined as a “faculty or function of the mind analogous to sensation”,       Sensibility as “keen consciousness or appreciation”.

What has this oblique reference to a Jane Austen novel to do with the re-election of President Barack Obama?

In this modern world of fast food, instant communications and the constant turnover of material goods, a world of greed, self-centred arrogance and divisiveness, it was refreshing to see that over 60 million Americans voted for Common Sense and Common Sensibility. They voted with their heads and their hearts knowing that the alternative was not an option. They voted knowing that a National Healthcare program is so important for this country; that it makes sense to move forward with programs that can reduce gas emissions; that Americans are a diverse cultural nation and have the sensibility to care about their neighbours; that Foreign Policy is walking a tightrope of the sensibilities of other countries. President Barack Obama has demonstrated both Sense and Sensibility and the majority of American voters understand that.

Tea Party Neo-Conservatism did not win the day. Romney’s disingenuousness unnerved a majority of voters in this country. It is time for the Republicans to realise that a majority of American voters do not want Republican right wing policies. They want steady leadership, sensible policies that address the realities of common people’s lives.

As I listen to Republicans on the news programs this morning, I am struck by the fact that they are even more entrenched in their complete hatred of President Obama, and although the American voters have spoken they refuse to acknowledge that THEY LOST yesterday, resoundingly.

This was not an election focused on Congress but on the Presidency, it was a referendum on who the American voter want as their Leader. In two years the mid-terms will focus on the House and Senate, and we will see then whether the American voter will “throw the bums out”, especially if the House Republicans refuse to open their eyes and see what the American voters want. The Right Wing Evangelical House Republicans still don’t understand that they do not have a mandate, and in two years they will realise that the American voters will vote them out if they continue to obstruct, obfuscate, refuse to compromise and bury their heads.

REPUBLICANS – YOU LOST.  Time to shake the sand out of your ears and open your eyes, instead of miring yourselves in Religious Dogma and Plutocratic Ideology, and it is because of your intransigence and stupidity that I remain AN UNQUIET AMERICAN.