Although “Shock-and-Awe” was visited on the GOP by the Democrats on Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove refused to believe and indeed looked completely shocked. Karl Rove wouldn’t believe that Ohio had been called even though it was Fox News election room who called it. Bill O’Reilly rambled on incoherently about the electorate being made up of people who just want “things…and…stuff”.  And Romney hadn’t even drafted a concession speech because he was so confident he had won by a landslide. Talk about being out-of-touch.

According to the Tea Party Neo-Conservatives talking on the news channels after the election, they plan to punish the electorate for voting for President Barack Obama. Very Christian of them! And just how will they do this? By blindly following the policies and agenda they had before the election. Policies and agendas that were crushed on Tuesday.

America voted for a young charismatic forward…

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