Although “Shock-and-Awe” was visited on the GOP by the Democrats on Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove refused to believe and indeed looked completely shocked. Karl Rove wouldn’t believe that Ohio had been called even though it was Fox News election room who called it. Bill O’Reilly rambled on incoherently about the electorate being made up of people who just want “things…and…stuff”.  And Romney hadn’t even drafted a concession speech because he was so confident he had won by a landslide. Talk about being out-of-touch.

According to the Tea Party Neo-Conservatives talking on the news channels after the election, they plan to punish the electorate for voting for President Barack Obama. Very Christian of them! And just how will they do this? By blindly following the policies and agenda they had before the election. Policies and agendas that were crushed on Tuesday.

America voted for a young charismatic forward thinking Half Black-Half White President, not for the Old White Religious Conservative Living in the Past.

This election showed that the GOP is fractured and that the electorate didn’t want Romney or the Tea Party. So now it is time for John Boehner to “grow a pair”, wipe those tears and think seriously about pragmatic measures to get the economy moving faster, instead of sticking to dogmatic ideological principles that may have worked back in the 1950’s but do not work in the modern world. Even all the billionaires who spent billions on trying to get Romney elected have retreated to their mega-yachts and castles, leaving the wasteland of GOP ideas to handfuls of spiteful idiots like Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, to mention just a few.

Time for Sense and Sensibility to exert itself in this country, not dogma and ideology. Pragmatism and intelligence are what are needed, and are what the American people voted for on Tuesday. They want calm thoughtful leadership, and not childish bickering. They want sane ideas that work, not one law for the rich and one for the poor. They want a fair and just society for the entire country. A society that is made up of many ethnicities, cultures, religions and skin colours, not the country of White Evangelical Middle Aged Men and Retirees hoping for a return to the 1950’s.

Bill O’Reilly is right, the White, male dominated, pedantic, blinkered America of the past is gone and a new younger, more energized, more diverse America is here. Time for John Boehner to dry his tears, limp into the 21st Century, and grow a pair.