For the past week, there has been a 10.0 earthquake in the GOP. For some it is a wake-up call, and for others it’s the death of the White Male Evangelical Socially Medieval country that they want to perpetuate.

That is a good thing.

America needs to wake-up to its new reality as a culturally diverse society where the new majority are a collective of minorities working together to move the country forward into a era where there is a greater understanding of global issues, instead of the head-in-the-sand policies of neo-conservative 1950s White Men.

For America to emerge from this recession, it needs to move forward understanding the new realities that have been staring us in the face for decades. It is not something to fear but something to embrace. A more socially conscious society, not a Politically Socialist society as those fear mongering idiots on the far right keep going on about. America is basically way too far right compared to the rest of the world to ever become Socialist. Even the Democratic Party is more right wing that the British Conservative Party. But there are social issues such as the basic right to healthcare, education and retirement that have to be fixed in this country. Addressing those issues in a socially responsible way will guarantee a firm foundation for the future, because an unhealthy, badly educated and fearful society will destroy itself.

Many pundits like Newt Gingrich have actually woken up to the fact that they never even looked at the demographics of the America of 2012. Never thought about the youth vote to any degree or how Latinos and Black people in this country feel. They just went on down their own road of Religious righteousness and social status-quo. And the American voter said NO, this has to change.

The majority of Americans do not want, and will not go back to, the divisive America of Reagan and Bush. A majority of Americans want a fairer more just society for all people, no matter their ethnic, social, or sexual preferences, and for women to be treated as equals with the right to decide over their own bodies.

I am not expecting that the next four years will bring about earth shattering changes in this country, the neo-cons will fight for every outdated, ignorant, and economically divisive policy that they hold dear, but if they expect to hold onto the House in two years, or indeed win the Presidency in four, they had better look deep into their dark souls and decide to do what is good for America, and not just what is good for their self-centredness. The GOP has been proven to be a hollow House, which they had better rebuild if they want to remain viable in the future.

Hopefully this election will bring the GOP into the 21st Century, and the progressive Party of Lincoln will rediscover its identity in the New World.