I truly think so.

Now we have had a few years of eBook trial and error, and a recession, authors now  have the chance to break free of the constraints of monolithic publishers. My first book CONTACT was published by a small publishing house after two years of writing to publishers, and enough rejections to paper my spare bedroom. It became a best seller, was serialized in a national newspaper, made into an award winning film, and those publishers that rejected the book are still smarting all these years later as the new edition of CONTACT continues to sell well as an eBook that I now control.

When CONTACT was first published, I hated the hardback cover, but had no decision making power at all. I hated the PAN paperback cover that was incorrect in every way. The photo of the soldier was flipped back-to-front and looked ridiculous, approved by an editor who went on to run a major publishing house in the USA. The second edition paperback cover was even worse. Wrong uniform, wrong beret colour, wrong everything.

With AN UNQUIET AMERICAN and THE BOOK OF BAKER series, I made the huge mistake of going with a publisher that turned out to be greedy and incapable of promoting anything at all. A mistake, which for seven years – until I managed to retrieve the rights – I paid for dearly in lost revenue. I have sold many many more eBooks online this year than I did in seven years with them.

Now I can design my own covers, change them if they don’t work, set the price I want to sell at, change the price at will, set up free promotion days, and run my business the way I want to run it and not the way somebody else wants to.

Is it twice as much work? Absolutely, but the rewards are even greater. For years I sat in a vacuum with books in bookstores, no control over anything and a feeling of total isolation. Now with Twitter, Facebook and my blog, I can connect and have conversations and exchange book selling ideas with other authors and of course most importantly, readers. I no longer live in a vacuum and all this interaction will only serve to improve my writing and the way my books are presented to the world.

The Recession was a gift to eBooks for one simple reason. Price. Books from 99c upwards, some free, and all available online at the click of a button as compared to $15-$25 for a book and wait for the mail.

That is Freedom and I believe that it not only benefits authors but also readers. There is more choice, lower prices, easier access and the ability to carry hundreds of books on a small lightweight eReader.

Like all new commercial enterprises eBooks will develop and change, accessibility in all parts of the world will grow, and with that a greater understanding between different people and cultures.

That too is Freedom.

CONTACT: amazon.com http://amzn.to/QTXvdk   amazon.co.uk http://amzn.to/OneXZi

AN UNQUIET AMERICAN:  amazon.com http://amzn.to/RL6mxC    amazon.co.uk http://amzn.to/QNFZFZ