If there are any doubts among Republicans that Willard “Mitt” Romney was the worst candidate in a long time to represent the GOP, then they are blind, deaf and dumb.

Willard’s latest nonsense is typical of a poor little rich boy who had his toys taken away and has no idea that He is the problem.

Other Republicans do, Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal for one. He calls Willard’s comments yesterday “absolutely wrong”. Unless you missed those comments, Willard said that the President won the election because he “gave gifts to his base coalition.”  (Read more: http://nyr.kr/TIjzGi)

In a sense you were right Willard, but the gift was not given by the President, the gift was you Willard, given willingly by the GOP, who now seem to regret that decision with an acute case of buyers remorse.

Did the country dodge a bullet? I think it did and the ten days since the election have proved just how out-of-touch and blindingly angry the ‘good-ole-boys’ really are. Now they will do anything they can to disrupt the Administration and the welfare of the country with their absolute hatred of President Obama. Never before have I seen this desire by White male so-called Christian Republicans to destroy America just because they lost two Presidential elections to a Black Man. And the irony is the film Lincoln is due to be released today. If he was here today he’d disavow his Party and join the Democrats.

And in a ridiculous postscript to my blog of yesterday, apparently John McCain missed the Security Briefings for the committee on which he serves, because he was too busy going after the Administration in a Press Conference. And when a reporter asked him to comment on missing the security briefing and pushed McCain when he made no comment, the Senator said “Because I have the right as a senator to have no comment and who the hell are you to tell me I can or not?” 

How dare you Mr. McCain, who do you think you are?

To give you a lesson in the basics of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence John, that guy was a tax payer who has every right to tell a Government servant and therefore servant of the people, anything because this is a Government “OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE”. Something that John McCain, Willard Mitt Romney and many others in the Plutocratic Republican Party have forgotten. You have been in the Senate far too long and have not understood that you are a legend in your own lunch-time, and the back-to-work-bell rang sometime ago. As a Veteran I applaud your service and sacrifice, as a citizen of this country I wish you’d just go away and stop trying to revisit 2008, you and your kind are an embarrassment.

This country needs at least two healthy competing Political Parties and it is time the GOP really understands that they do not represent the majority in this country and that the Presidential Election was just that, a Presidential Election. The midterms will decide what happens to the GOP, but at the current rate of denial, bitterness and obstruction as exemplified by Willard “Mitt” Romney and John McCain they may as well just roll over now and fade away, because the election proved they are irrelevant.

The Benghazi Affair is a distraction from the realities of the economic situation in this country. It is a deliberate strategy by the GOP to divert attention from how Republicans are going to thwart the voter’s wishes by creating an emotional situation out the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. How dare they use the lives of these men for Political purposes. Even General Petraeus said that the information released had to be “unclassified” and therefore the agencies involved, not the White House, decided what information was to be released and at what time that would happen.

President George W Bush in a pre-emptive strike against Iraq with no justification at all, caused the deaths and injuries of hundreds of thousands of people and the Republican said not a word, except to applaud Dubya. There was no “Watergate” style inquiry as there should have been, instead the Republicans basked in a smug glow of satisfaction in having duped the American people and taken the country to war to divert attention from their systematic plundering of the wealth of the Nation.

President Obama has slowly turned the economy around amid constant obstruction; he found and killed Osama Bin Laden and ended the war in Iraq. And they hate him for that.

The hypocrisy of the Republican Party is unbelievable.

Listen up, Willard and John, the People have spoken twice, and neither time were you the winners.