One thing has been perplexing me for the past week. What is John McCain up to, and why does he appear to have gone completely mad? But then again perhaps he was always a little ‘off the reservation’.

He’s been pretty quiet for the past four years having been soundly beaten by President Obama in 2008. But he has a mean streak, serious anger issues and a long bitter memory. It seems that if he can find the slightest opportunity to lash out at the President in any way, he will do it. The death of the US Ambassador to Libya earlier this year has provided the unstable McCain with a very flimsy platform to try and batter the President. And it does nothing to help the need for this country to come together in the coming months.

Is he thinking that perhaps he can muster up enough “Evidence” to push for Impeachment? That’s pretty much what he was implying when he suggested “Watergate style hearings”.

General Petraeus in his testimony in front of a closed door committee has said that the Administration did not alter his report which was issued by the CIA to the Administration as “talking points” that would not jeopardise “National Security”, and that he, Petraeus, signed off on the statements spoken by Susan Rice. Also please note that Petraeus is a Republican.

What is the reason for McCain’s continued hammering on an issue that is a non-issue?

Does anyone remember that during the financial crisis of 2008 before the election, John McCain made the dramatic statement that he was suspending his campaign to fly back to Washington to “fix” the problem? Which was a lame attempt to show himself as better and smarter than Barack Obama. Just one problem, he isn’t.

Does anyone remember that when he, Barack Obama and George Bush got into the room together with a bunch of economists and Federal Reserve people that McCain actually had nothing to say. Even George Bush bailed from the meeting, leaving Barack Obama to set out a plan before he became President?

There is a simple reason why John McCain and Mitt Romney never became President. They are members of a GOP that is completely out-of-touch with America, as many Republicans are openly saying after the 2012 election rout.  The old GOP’ers like McCain and Romney are angry, misogynist, bigoted racists.

It is people in powerful positions like John McCain who make me uneasy about America, the reason I wrote my book AN UNQUIET AMERICAN. They still live in a world fifty years out-of-date, in a White Male Dominated America where women, Latinos, Blacks, and other minorities were considered second-class citizens. Where human rights were just slogans and not Rights, where young voters were inconsequential. Congress was an “Old White Boys Club” and when that was blown apart in 2008, they still tried to remain to remain relevant.

To remain relevant the GOP have to pursue philosphical ideas that are not divisive, as a great many GOP leaders now realise.

It is obvious from the remarks by both John McCain and Mitt Romney that they absolutely hate the President with a passion. Misogyny and racism positively ooze from their pores, and it is no wonder that so many in the GOP are distancing themselves as fast as they can.

Has John McCain gone Mad? Quite possibly. Remember, this was the man who picked Sarah Palin as a running mate.

Anyone who watched him address a virtually empty Senate chamber, must feel that he looks like a shell of a man who doesn’t know that the bar is closed and everyone has left the building.