Having just been slaughtered in the election, the GOP is now looking at 2016 and potential Presidential Candidates. And on the surface they seem a pretty select bunch, in some ways an evolution on the GOP of old.

Or are they?

One of the disturbing things that is beginning to emerge is Creationism – the belief that evolution is a myth and that the Earth with Humans already completely formed began between 2,000 and 6,000 years ago – and with it a glimpse into the minds of the would be Candidates. Now none of them have said they absolutely believe Creationism, but they also do not deny it. Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, the new darlings of the Party are seemingly pretty close to endorsing the theory. Or are they?

My satirical book series, THE BOOK OF BAKER, was written a few years ago as a comical look at cults, religion and politics and at the time of writing I thought that my story was, as every satire should be, a comical exaggeration of events of the day. Now I’m thinking I was simply writing what is.

Yes folks, it’s 2012 and along with the Creationists we have the Rapture people and the Armageddon believers. Apparently December 21st is the day world ends. Now I may not believe in all this crap, but there are a great many people living in the GOP controlled Southern States who do, and even Governor Chris Christie who loves to “tell it like it is”, isn’t commenting as to whether he believes in Creationism or not.

GQ magazine asked Marco Rubio how old he thought the Earth is.  (This is the link to the GQ article http://gqm.ag/S5ImIb) His evasive reply was “I’m not a scientist, man.”

Now I can understand his position if there wasn’t any evidence. Then it would be a big mystery, but with all the evidence from all over the world a good guess would be, “well the Earth is billions of years old, give or take a few million”.  You don’t have to be a scientist to see that or understand that, just look at the evidence.

So what’s the deal here? Are the potential GOP Candidates trying to shore up their support amongst the crazy tea-party evangelicals, who have cost them two elections? Or are they hedging their bets with God, just in case the world ends on December 21st? And does any of this matter?

The worry is when these crazy theories, cults and so on infiltrate the minds of those who profess to lead this country.  Because the result is that through this Religious extremism they have a convenient way of abrogating personal responsibility for their actions  – by simply saying whatever they choose to do is “God’s Will”.  That is an extremely dangerous political philosophy and a slippery slope leading to the erosion of the separation of church and state, a principle that the US was founded on.  It’s also a dangerous road towards religious dictatorship and government by ideology.

It also gives us a glimpse into the devious minds of those who want to lead this country.  If they do not believe in Creationism, why don’t they just say that? It is bizarre to say the very least, and leaves me with disconcerting thoughts about the possible future leaders of this country who, firstly, can’t even begin their leadership bid by telling the truth and secondly, who don’t believe in scientific fact and logical reasoning.

One example of the extension of that thought is that a mind that does not believe in science will not want to enact policies that prevent more destruction of this Earth – because for that kind of mind, Global Warming and the threat to the planet is nothing more than a myth.  Extend this kind of thinking to countless other issues and you can be assured that extreme Religious based policies will be enacted instead of sensible logical policies.

Sense and Sensibilities will be replaced with mythical abstract beliefs that have no basis in fact. Religious belief will take over from pragmatic and logical reason. Do we really want to be a Fundamentalist society such as those in the Middle East that we abhor? We call such societies backward, evil, undemocratic, dictatorial and unacceptable, yet how different would our own Religious based government be?  I shudder to think what politicians who are already hedging their bets four years out would do, and then rationalize as “God’s Will”.  God help us is all I can say.


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