Listening to Susan Rice – the United States Ambassador to the United Nations -lambasting Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas for seeking recognition of Palestine as a “non-member observer State” at the UN, was gross hypocrisy of the highest kind, but not unusual in the United States.

Theodor Hertzl, recognised as the founder of Zionism, Menachem Begin, once a wanted terrorist in the 1940s, and more recently Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel, all took their cue from the play book of Henry VIII of England, when he started the “Plantation of Ireland”. For those who are not familiar with the term, it is the planting of immigrants into a country in order to take over that country, confiscate the land from their rightful owners, and establish a false state.

That is what happened in Northern Ireland and is exactly what happened in Palestine in 1947.

In Northern Ireland Henry VIII declared himself Head of the Church of England and split with the Vatican, but there were many, particularly in Ireland which remained Roman Catholic and Henry was determined not to have a Roman Catholic State right next to England. The similarities with Palestine in the 1940s is astonishing.

The United States fought for the rights of the displaced Roman Catholic Irish during the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’, but do not fight for the rights of the displaced Palestinians.


Is it all about trying to create a buffer state in a region where oil is plentiful and is a resource that the US craves like an addict on heroin?

For decades US Foreign Policy regarding the Midle East has been run from Tel Aviv. Is it because Zionists virtually run the United States Congress? It is a question that baffles me every single day. A question I raised in my book AN UNQUIET AMERICAN. As an American citizen, the blind loyalty that the US shows to a Created Nation that has systematically eradicated the Palestinian people and ‘stolen their country’, to quote David Ben Gurion, is extraordinary and beyond logic.

Every American should question what is being done in their name, and I for one would like to know how Politicians from both sides continue to deny history, countless UN Resolutions against Israel, and still support Israel with such tenacity.

Soon a remake of the film RED DAWN ( will be released. The 2012 film centers on a group of patriotic young people who must defend their hometown from a North Korean invasion. The chorus of ‘USA – USA’ will resound and yet nobody will think of the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Palestinian children who were killed when their country was taken over, their land stolen, and their villages wiped from the face of the earth.

Violence does not solve problems. Terrorism does not solve problems. But the source of the problem should be truthfully recognised as a step to ensuring that Peace is achieved.

As someone who fought in Northern Ireland – detailed in my book CONTACT – I feel that my Government lied to me and exploited my patriotism for a false ideology. It was only recently went I met former terrorists who had been imprisoned for murder they committed, and were then released under the Amnesty, that I began to more fully understand the history of the Plantations and the distortions Politicians play with the facts. You cannot steal people’s land, oust them from their homes, raze their villages to the ground and expect them to simply roll over and say “OK take everything”. At some point, we as human beings, have to take responsibility for our actions and realise that violence, theft, and genocide are not an answer.

Terrorism whomever propagates it, is not an answer. Menachem Begin was a wanted terrorist as Head of Irgun, and was responsible for the deaths of British soldiers in the 1940s and of civilians in the King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem in 1946, in which 91 people died and 46 were injured.

King David Hotel Bombing

And yet he became a Prime Minister of Israel and was feted in the USA. Double standards abound and hypocrisy reigns supreme.