We’ve had an election which was predominantly about the economy. The GOP ran on the economy, and lost. The so-called ‘Fiscal Cliff’ is looming large with tax rates set to rise for everyone on January 1st and the Republicans in the House and Senate are acting like Mr. Magoo stumbling blindly forward, utterly convinced that they are right, and in their blinkered idiocy convinced that the country is with them. The Mr Magoo movie poster says it all.


And like Mr Magoo, The GOP have not learned much even as they stumble forward in disarray. The country is not with the GOP, look at the facts. Voters in this country trust Democrats to fix the economy, not Republicans. The GOP lost the election because 60% of the country are happy to see tax rates rise on those individuals making more than $250,000, and for the Bush tax cuts on the middle and lower income earners to be continued.

What is the GOP not ‘getting’? Or do they think that they only work for themselves?

Magoo mania seems to afflict a large percentage of Congressional Republicans, and they call those in their own ranks who were enlightened by an election day ‘Come to Jesus’  moment and fiscal laser surgery, traitors.

Ignorant ideology is not going to help those Magoos in the GOP get re-elected in two years.

The Tea Party is dead but they just don’t know it, blindly following some mantra that has very little bearing on reality. Top economists have been saying for months and months that the Paul Ryan’s plans don’t make sense and are based on the philosophies of the Robber Barons and an out-dated view of America. An America from the 1950s that they think should be reinvented into the 21st Century. And like Mr Magoo and Lemmings they are going to march steady right over the cliff into their own demise.

It’s not rocket science guys. It’s not time to play ideology. Its time to get real and have some sense of fairness and decency enter the political and economic life of this country. The scare tactics did not work during the election and if this country’s taxes go up in January, the consensus is that everyone will blame the GOP.

Whether we like it or not, we are in a Global Economy, not an Isolationist economy such as existed after WW2. Things have changed and are changing. Climate change is real and Economic change is essential. We all would love everything to stay the same if the same is comfort, wealth and happiness, but that isn’t reality and if we want those things then we have to figure out new ways to obtain them for everyone, not just for the top 1%.

It still dazzles me that Republicans in Congress are only interested in the top 1% in this country and not anyone else. They must be making astonishingly high amounts of money in kickbacks and future high paying jobs in the private sector, to behave like Mr Magoo dragging the country over the edge in pious, arrogant, blind conviction..

And just when you think the House Republicans cant get any worse, they decide to take nearly a week off in the middle of the ‘fiscal cliff’ talks and I guess go and count their own millions and lie on a beach in the Cayman Islands.