John Boehner even looks a bit like Mr Magoo in recent photographs


We’ve had an election which was predominantly about the economy. The GOP ran on the economy, and lost. The so-called ‘Fiscal Cliff’ is looming large with tax rates set to rise for everyone on January 1st and the Republicans in the House and Senate are acting like Mr. Magoo stumbling blindly forward, utterly convinced that they are right, and in their blinkered idiocy convinced that the country is with them. The Mr Magoo movie poster says it all.


And like Mr Magoo, The GOP have not learned much even as they stumble forward in disarray. The country is not with the GOP, look at the facts. Voters in this country trust Democrats to fix the economy, not Republicans. The GOP lost the election because 60% of the country are happy to see tax rates rise on those individuals making more than $250,000, and for the Bush tax cuts on the…

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