A majority of American voters re-elected President Barack Obama who ran a campaign on the economy that demands a continuation of the middle class tax cut and raising taxes on the top 2%.

The Republicans keep saying that the top 2% create jobs by reinvesting in the USA. A claim that has been proved to be patently untrue. If that was the case, then our unemployment rate would be almost non-existent and the trillions of dollars in cash that the top 2% percent have stashed in foreign banks would be circulating within the Federal banking system.

Recently a bunch of mega billionaires like Larry Ellison, decided to pay themselves a ton of money this month calculating that if the USA goes over the Fiscal Cliff in January they will personally save tens of millions of dollars. Larry Ellison is estimated to save about $77m. Can anyone guess what payday you would have to have to ‘save’ that much in extra taxation? And that is money that will never find its way into creating more jobs, it will probably buy another aircraft or another mega yacht for Larry, or another private island.

The republicans in Congress have to be the only people in the country who are using the interests of 2% of the population to control the other 98%.

Democracy is dead in this country and as I have said time and time again, Plutocracy has control.

What baffles me is how the Republicans can completely ignore the wishes of the vast majority of the People. Are they so corrupt, bought and paid for by the mega wealthy individuals and corporations that they have completely lost sight that they are Servants of the People, not Kings or Dictators?

In my novel AN UNQUIET AMERICAN, I show the manipulation of political parties and even the Presidency by greedy unscrupulous financiers and bankers, using tactics such as the laundering of money to fund political parties and finance religious agendas. Having lived in many countries around the world, I have seen corruption on a daily basis, but not until I came to live in the USA have I seen it so blatantly embraced, with Congressmen and Senators raking in hundreds of thousands a year in ‘extras’ from bribery and retiring on full pensions and benefits as millionaires.

Now I hate taxes, but how else are you going to raise income for the Government?  I’m for a flat tax at 15% across the board and as I’ve said before the effect will be to lower taxes on the middle class, and raise taxes 2% on the wealthy 2%, from 13% to 15%. Also it simplifies the tax code, then all those IRS time wasters can get a real job.

Does anyone understand that over 99% of the money spent on the 2012 election was raised through SuperPacs funded by a handful of billionaires and the remaining less than 1% actually came from the average American? The GOP shot themselves in the foot because two billionaires ran Romney into bankruptcy before he was nominated, thereby virtually handing the election to President Obama. It was a case of the billionaires overreaching in the false thought that they could buy a candidate and an election. Well they got part of it right, they bought candidates, but misfired on the election.

The Republican dominated Supreme Court decided in their ignorant wisdom to side with Citizens United and endorsed corruption by lifting limits on the amounts corporations can donate to Political Campaigns, hence the ability of Sheldon Adelson and Foster Friess, billionaires of notable religious beliefs, one Jewish and the other a born-again Christian. Without their backing, neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum would have lasted a week in the Primaries. This was the scenario I wrote about in AN UNQUIET AMERICANconcerning the 2008 election. Things don’t seem to change. 

Cut out corruption in Politics and then maybe we can get back to a Democracy.

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