Perhaps I should have entitled this piece – “How to Hold Two Opposing Views at the Same Time”.

Having had my say yesterday about the need for gun control, I have been watching the new reports and interviews about the tragic, horrific events in Newtown Connecticut. One such interview was with a Pastor who on the one hand condemned the killings and on the other hand admitted to being a gun owner. His perspective was that it wasn’t a gun problem but a violence problem. Having had to use guns in firefights and having seen the results of being hit by a high velocity round and even 9mm handgun rounds, I can attest that guns are inherently violent.

The very act of pulling the trigger is violent. The kick of the weapon is violent and the end result is destructive and violent. Guns are violent weapons that are designed to kill. They are not toys, they are not beautiful objects, they have one purpose. To cause death.

How can someone who proposes to believe in God, to believe in the Ten Commandments especially ‘Thou shalt not kill’, own a device that is designed to kill? What convoluted justification goes on in the mind of such a person? Obviously their belief comes with a whole bunch of caveats.

America is without doubt the personification of the God and Gun Club. The hypocrisy and arrogant piousness of religious belief intertwined with belief that owning weapons of mass killing is not only okay but a Right and a Freedom is the height of immaturity and irresponsibility. Just because Justice Scalia decided that owning a gun was not dependent on being in a militia, even though that is the wording in the Second Amendment, does not make it correct or right. I want to know how much the NRA are paying Justice Scalia to hand down such an absurd ruling. But then again the Supreme court has handed down some pretty absurd rulings such as the Citizen’s United ruling which allowed unlimited corporate funding of political campaigns. In that case their contention was that it would not lead to corruption. Who are they kidding?

America has a penchant for violence. Movies are becoming more violent. Video games are more and more violent. In fact players are rewarded for the number of kills they achieve. Add to that the easy availability of assault weapons and the double standard of religious and so-called moral leaders, and we have a country that is awash in violence and the blood of young children.

This country imagines itself the Moral Leader of the World, and yet there are so many instances that point to the opposite. The hypocrisy of the God and Gun Club is enough to make anyone Atheist. At some point this country has to grow up and accept responsibility for the killings that go on unabated in our neighbourhoods.

Guns are not fun toys, they are sophisticated killing implements and it’s about time people understand that.