The short answer is – Yes.

Now why would I ask the question?

The reason is very simple. Twenty children and six adults were massacred in a school by an unstable young man who had access to an assault rifle and handguns that should be available only to Law Enforcement Officers and not the general public.

In 2008 Justice Scalia, in the Washington DC versus Heller decision, wrote in his opionion that the ‘Militia’ part of the Second Amendment essentially didn’t exist, thereby opening the door to unregulated guns that flooded the porous market enabling anyone who did not have a criminal record to have access to unlimited numbers of guns, including assault weapons, and unlimited amounts of ammunition.

All in the name of Freedom.

How could the Supreme Court Judges in all conscience have allowed that ruling? What in God’s name was going on in their minds that they felt they could manipulate an Amendment to the Constitution that was written in a completely different Age and has no bearing on the modern world, to suit the NRA?

If anyone wants to put responsibility where it really lies, focus your attention on the Supreme Court of the United States of America who seems to be in the pocket of the NRA and their nonsensical Medieval notion that flooding the country with weapons that can kill hundreds of people is okay.

And then Justice Scalia, talking to Chris Wallace of Fox News, suggested that hand held rocket launchers that can bring down passenger jets, are actually legal under the Second Amendment because they are ‘Hand-Held’.

When do we as a Nation decide that Judges like Justice Scalia – who seem to live in prehistoric philosophical bubble that has nothing to do with reality – need to be Impeached for passing Laws whose end result in the massacre of young children?

As a Grandfather of five children similar in age to those killed in Newtown, I am outraged, incensed, and downright angry at the callous disregard of the basic rights of the victims of gun violence that Judges like Justice Scalia arrogantly disregard on National Television. The fact that he would even suggest that that there would be a discussion as to whether hand-held rocket launchers were legal or not, is proof of his total disconnect with the real world. If, according to him, the Second Amendment is so carved in stone, then why ignore the first part of the sentence regarding the right to bear arms for the purpose of maintaining a ‘well found Militia’? The complete disregard for what the Second Amendment says, in plain English, means that there will be many, many more Sandy Hook Massacres in the near future.

Apparently Justice Scalia doesn’t really give a damn. Isn’t that cause for Impeachment?

The issue before the Nation right now is simple. We can have more assault weapons, less gun control – which the NRA favour – and more young children will die at the hands of crazy people with easy access to guns. Or are we a Nation where our children and grandchildren can go to school without fear of being massacred because we protect them from people who think that owning seven high guns and enough ammunition to carry out a war, is their Right.  Whose Rights are really Rights and whose a Grand Delusion? What about our children’s rights to grow up in safety?

If we cannot change the Laws of this Country to keep up with the changing times and technology, then we are doomed to handguns on the hips of School Principals, and gun fights on the streets of our neighbourhoods.

So far the only winners of the Right to Bear Arms Debate, are Funeral Directors.