The 2012 Holiday Season is nearly over and the fiscal uncertainty of the New Year is about to begin.

All thanks to The Tea Party, a bunch of arrogant, dogma ridden Neo-Conservatives who are intent on driving America’s economy into the toilet for the sake of a few Multi-millionaires and Billionaires. You know, the ones who lost a ton of money backing the wrong horse in the last election, and now feel that the American people owe them restitution.

Give John Boehner his due, he really thought he had a reasonable chance of getting a tax break for 99% of Americans through Congress and then was completely shocked when the Tea Party torpedoed his ‘Plan B’. And now he is scrambling around trying to figure out how to remain Speaker.

There is a quote that I think sums up the idiocy of Dogmatic Ideological Political Philosophy from HL Mencken:  “The worst government is often the most moral. One composed of cynics is often very tolerant and humane. But when fanatics are on top there is no limit to oppression.” And this applies to both Left Wing Democrats and Right Wing Republicans.

The Tea Party are fanatics who have absolutely no idea how to Govern or of the complexities of Governmental Economics except to be convinced that the rich give to the poor and create wealth for the country, when actually they just get richer as everyone else gets poorer. The Working Classes of this country are the economic powerhouse that provide the rich with untold wealth in the mistaken view that they will in some way benefit. Of course we have witnessed that notion being soundly beaten into bankruptcy by the very clowns who proposed it in the first place. That would be Reagan and Thatcher. Remember them.

Trickle Down economics stops at the top tier of Banks, Oil Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Companies, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds and all the other recipients of the hard earned cash of the working people. The result, higher prices, a corrupt and broken banking system, and a Capitol Building full of the most corrupt, grasping and ideologically barren Politicians this country has ever seen.

Over 99% of the people of this country are being held hostage by less than 1% of the population.

The end of year celebrations of Chanukah and Christmas are supposed to be a time of compassion, of selfless acts and caring for our fellow man. Instead the extremes of our two party ‘Democratic’ system, have taken bribes, campaign contributions and all sorts of other largesse from their greedy sociopathic mega rich Plutocratic masters and screwed America.

Ebenezer Scrooge is alive and well and living in Washington.

In my satirical comedy series THE BOOK OF BAKER I describe a country where the rich live in armed compounds defended by armies of Private Contractors as the rest of the country falls into social chaos. With the recent statements from the NRA regarding arming everyone in the country with assault rifles, backed by their Tea Party cronies in Congress, that day seems not very far off. I wrote Book One Dreams from the Death Age in 2000, imagining economic chaos and the results of greed and corruption, but never in my wildest dreams did I consider that it may actually begin to happen. But our present reality is no comedy. There is no humour in facing rising taxes on those who can least afford it, and a fragile economy that can ill afford a dive into the unknown.

Last November, the people of this country voted for a tax increase on the wealthiest 2% in this country. A modest tax increase that would, in reality, not affect their ability to continue to own many mansions in different countries, private aircraft and mega yachts, and yet they are the ones shouting the loudest as if they were the ones who made all their money without the help of a large workforce and in the case of hedge fund managers, Other-People’s-Money. What happened to “The Will of The People”?

With Freedom comes responsibility, and it is time that the Politicians in Congress and the Mega wealthy became responsible adults and thought about the good of the country and not only about their own bank accounts. The Tea Party Plutocrats are as bad as genuine Socialists. Both are minority dictators who rule a captive population through deprivation and fear.

Let’s get back to Democracy and the Will of the People and not the Will of the Wealthy.


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