If the House of Representatives was to be treated like a family home, then the Child Welfare Officers would be round in a flash to take away the children and charge the parents with abuse. However the so-called adults in the House seem to revel in their petty bickering and over-inflated egos as the American People get sick and tired of their idiocy.

Even Governor Chris Christie said he was “disgusted’ with John Boehner over the fact that the House has not passed a Bill over aid for Superstorm Sandy victims, two months after the event, indeed withdrew it from the day’s business much to the surprise of many House Republicans. They may have been surprised but they didn’t protest. Aid for Katrina victims was released within 10 days.

For months the country was held ransom while the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ so-called negotiations took place. Then the Senate passed the Bill to which the House immediately screamed and stamped their feet like petulant children before realising they would be blamed for not acting. And now we have the House ignoring the plight of millions more Americans who are without power, and damaged homes that insurance companies refuse to pay for, although they are more than happy to keep the money rolling in from homeowners. And all this in the middle of winter.

I don’t think there has been a House of Representatives in such disarray ever, and most of the fighting is between Republicans themselves. This is the second time a Bill has passed the Senate that the House has refused to vote upon in a timely manner, leading anyone to surmise that they really do not give a crap about the American People at all, just continuing, as Christie calls it, “the toxic politics of the House majority”.

Now for all you raging right wingers out there who just want to dump on the Democrats, Gov. Christie is a Republican who cares about his state and the people in it. Just as any representative of the people should. Democrats and Republicans in the Senate passed two Bills decisively, which required a majority of Republicans to agree with Democrats, and yet the House still demurs as if they think that they can do whatever they want in their own interest and not in the interest of the AMerican People.

It seems as if we really are living in the Twilight Zone, or watching a really cheap and badly acted Reality Show. Even the Kardashian’s, when held up against the House of Representatives, seem reasonable.

So what is really going?

Here we are in the New Year and the House of Representatives is more divided than ever. Are we seeing a civil war within House Republicans? A fight for the soul of the party? And will it be a fight that destroys the Republican Party forever and turns it into an Extreme Right Wing beast that cares for no-one except their own toxic dogma?

At least the Liberal Left Wing has been tamed to a degree and while they are grumbling and mumbling about budget cuts, they at least know in their hearts that if there are not substantial cuts, the Debt will bury the country. Besides why would they turn the spotlight on themselves at this point, when the Republicans are so obligingly hogging it?

And while this nonsense goes on day-after-day, the victims of Superstorm Sandy try to dig themselves out of a disaster that was not their making.