If, as it seems, President Obama nominates Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defence, just what is the GOP going to do?

There have been strong murmurings that they will fight his nomination simply because he is a moderate Republican, and does not follow the right wing conservative dogma of the Tea Party. He is not a lap dog to party demands, has his own mind, is a two time Purple Heart recipient, went against Dubya’s invasion of Iraq and does not agree with Israel’s land grab policies, aka ‘Settlements’. Those things apparently make him unsuitable to extreme right wing Republicans.

So what we are looking at, is a defining moment as regards who really runs the GOP, and where those right wingers really want to take the country. Being a centrist and a moderate are alien concepts to the ‘New GOP’. I had written before that I thought the Tea Party was dead after the election, because their policies had not succeeded with the American People.

But I was wrong and I should have known better.

Extremists just get more extreme, more dogmatic, angrier and more dangerous when they don’t get their way. So will the moderates in the GOP allow the Tea Party extremists to hijack the Party and turn it into an organisation that few people will recognise? Certainly the Tea Party will try. They will create discord by fighting all the moderates in the Senate and the House when the mid term elections come up as they have already indicated.

The Grand Old Party will be renamed The Tea Party.

The civil war within the GOP has already started and I do not think the centrist moderates have the stomach or the courage to fight it out. Perhaps they are just too old and do not have the energy to face the younger more aggressive radicals in their midst, and if so it will be a sad day for the GOP and this country, as the polarisation of House and Senate continues for the next four years.

The question will be, will the American People understand that a Tea Party victory will make Freedom an empty, meaningless word? Freedom requires debate, negotiation, compromise and understanding and none of those words are in the Tea Party dictionary. They are committed to their own agenda and their own dogma no matter what the People think or want.

It will be Dictatorship.

Is that what we really want? Or is it simply what we deserve because America has the lowest voter turn-out in the world? If you don’t care enough to vote, then you deserve everything you get.