Recently I was asked by an eBook site, called Free Book Dude – I love the name – to do a guest article for them. I thought long and hard and then realised that on this day, March 1st, it was forty years ago – March 1st 1973 – that my second daughter was born and an hour after her birth, I went to Northern Ireland for my first tour with The 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment as a young platoon commander. It was three months before I saw her again on R&R.

And it was on March 1st 1983, thirty years ago that, CONTACT – the book of my two tours in Northern Ireland – was published and became an instant bestseller. It is still selling well thirty years later in the new eBook edition.

The article can be read at it will be only on for today today for those who wish to read it on the site. I will post it here tomorrow for those who wish to wait.

To commemorate these anniversaries the eBook Kindle edition of CONTACT is on sale for 0.99c US and 0.77p UK from the 1st to 7th.