In the year 2000 I became a US citizen for several reasons. One of which was that I felt if I wanted to have a say in what happens in the country in which  I chose to live, then I needed to vote. And 2000 was important because it was a Presidential election year. It was the year George W Bush was elected as President of the United States in a rigged vote in Florida.

So why did I want to have a say in the politics of the USA? Because I knew that George W Bush was going to take the world to war with Iraq.

How could I possibly know that?

Simple. I simply read the document put out by the Neo-Conservatives group, The Project for the New American Century,  entitled ‘Rebuilding Americas Defenses’ ( In it Neo-cons with Dubya’s, Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s support lays the ground work for fighting multi-theatre wars especially in the Middle East against Iraq, and of course North Korea. Also I had spent my teenage years living in the Middle East as the son of a low level British MI6 intelligence gatherer.

War was on the agenda before 9/11. Well before. The Bush administration wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein no matter what. They lied cheated and got their way despite that fact that over half the American people did not want to go to war.

Now ten years later, to the day as I write this, over 119,000 Iraq civilians have died. Over 4,000 American soldiers have died and over 30,000 American soldiers have been injured, most very seriously. Our VA hospitals are dealing with the traumatic affects of PTSD and February was the heaviest causality rate of ex-servicemen committing suicide.

In 2000 I was having a dinner with some friends. Republican to the core when I said that I really hoped that Bush would not win and when asked why I said that he would take this country to war with Iraq. Everybody left, looking at their watches and saying ‘oh my gosh is that the time?’.  Denial is a disease that needs to be eradicated and realism needs to take its place. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld lied and their lies caused over a hundred thousand deaths. Can anybody say ‘mass murderers?’

I was so incensed with the administration I wrote AN UNQUIET AMERICAN and even to this day, I have people who still deny that Bush lied; that weapons of mass destruction did not exist and think that killing one man, Saddam Hussein was worth the deaths of over one hundred thousand people.

Having been a soldier myself I know the sacrifice anyone who goes to war makes. Both physically and emotionally. It never leaves you, ever.

Al Qaeda did not exist in Iraq before this day ten years ago, now they virtually control the country. Well done Dubya, you succeeded in creating a terrorist hornets nest.