Spring has arrived in the Blue Mountains and with it another book about to be launched – The Jonas Trust Deception – the second in the Thomas Gunn Thriller Series.

But that’s not all.

The birds have gone completely nuts, with cockerels crowing at midnight and then every hour until dawn when they decide they are exhausted and need to sleep. Cockatoos and parrots of all descriptions flexing their incredible ability to sing a multitude of songs, until your eardrums beg for relief.

However the most piercing sound are the Cicadas.

As I couldn’t write due to the noise,  I went in search of the beasts that are disturbing my concentrated effort to edit the aforementioned book and start the next in the series. Now I don’t know if, unless you live in Australia, you’ve heard thousands of cicadas at full screech, so I’ve attached a video file for your edification. The Southern California cicadas are positively wimpy compared to these guys.

[wpvideo mtyyELyR]

Anyway I went in search and found IT, a monster about four or five inches long with wonderful colours on IT‘s body and rainbow wings when IT‘s flying.


I swear I did not paint the letters on the beast and IT‘s not photoshopped. Honest to God. IT‘s for real.

So every day now for hours on end the monsters fill the air with their ear piercing sound synced to pound your eardrums with a vibration that positively hurts, with the result that trying to write anything meaningful is damn near impossible. There is a respite when the birds swoop in to feed along with cats, snakes and any other carnivore out for an easy banquet.

Now they may look monstrous and create a sound from a horror film, but they are completely harmless and somewhat slow. They can’t fly very well, nor walk very well, which of course makes them an easy target. And the ground becomes littered with empty carapaces and squished bodies on the road. The tree trunks are alive with the crawling beasts (See video) and the air full of flying brown bombers that have very little aerial intelligence. If you’re in the way you get hit. I just watched one fly straight into a telegraph post with a very loud thud, and continue on its way somewhat erratically.

Krystyna’s just given me a pair of ear plugs, left overs from the numerous flights we’ve taken over the last twelve months, but it doesn’t make much difference. The sound level is over 120db. I kid you not.

Being a curious fellow, I decided to google “are cicadas edible?” And of course they are. Taste a bit like chicken or asparagus apparently. Not that I’ve tried, yet. But I can imagine that in the immortal line from Crocodile Dundee they probably ‘need garlic’, or perhaps a hint of Vegemite. The last because I just finished a piece of toast covered in Vegemite. Perhaps a few roasted cicadas on top would have added to my low-fat, high protein diet.

So I have spent the better part of a morning writing this stuff instead of my next book, but I consider it as research. Who knows in which Thomas Gunn book cicadas will feature as a survival snack.

THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR (A Thomas Gunn Thriller)http://smarturl.it/vqh6s9