About this Blog

Being an author obviously writing is what I do, and opinions are what I have.

In abundance.

Some good, some mediocre and some maybe downright stupid, but it seems to me that blogging is about sharing those opinions, inviting others to join in the discussion and see where that takes us.  It’s an adventure.

Because my life has been varied; ex-racing car driver; former Captain in Britain’s elite Parachute Regiment; award winning screenwriter, bestselling author, flying school owner, and yacht skipper who has lived in countries from Hong Kong throughout Europe, America and Australia I often get carried away with a variety of subjects from social, political, to the mundane things of everyday life, and I thank my upbringing and travels for that rampant curiosity.

At the end of the day this blog is about what makes me write.  The subjects that interest, annoy, upset and fulfill me. We live in an extraordinary world and I would like to bring my experience of the world and personal opinions to this blog and hope that you, the Reader, will enjoy, be annoyed, maybe agree with me but above all join in the conversation.

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