Ex-British Special Forces soldier Thomas Gunn – aided by Julie his loyal girlfriend – is drawn back into his old life of international intrigue and danger following the murder of his billionaire father. The deeper he digs the more complex the puzzle becomes until he finds himself working for MI5 uncovering a global conspiracy that threatens the freedom of the western world. Haunting him is, was this evil his father’s creation? This gripping action-packed thriller spans Britain, Europe, the USA.

This first book of an exciting new series by the best-selling author of CONTACT is a gripping, action-packed thriller with a hero and heroine you hold your breath for!  After the murder of his father, Thomas Gunn ex-British Special Forces, is dragged into his old life of international intrigue and danger.  The deeper he digs the more complex and abhorrent the global conspiracy he uncovers becomes – what haunts him is, was this evil his father’s creation? And what will the truth cost him?



This newly expanded, acclaimed best-seller from Captain Clarke (British Parachute Regiment) on the blood soaked 70’s in Northern Ireland is a raw, visceral, “no-holds-barred” account of life in combat from one of the men we pay to kill. Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan comment on how relevant the book still is today. The dangers, political agendas and religious roots underlying the conflict are eerily and heartbreakingly similar to their own more recent experiences where they also lived with senses on high alert waiting to be ripped apart by the accuracy of a sniper or a well-hidden bomb.

Clarke takes us to the heart of the action. We enter the private world of the soldiers, experience their emotions, fear, courage, humor, bravado and the anguish of death. This expanded edition reveals the untold nightmare Clarke lived through having nearly died, with half his insides missing, suffering from PTSD and being expected to return to a “normal life”. A story of the scars of war that affect generations.  Of heartache, courage and hope for peace.

“..a major contribution to our understanding of war and how people act .. Contact is the work of a brave writer.” Kevin Toolis, Irish News.

“As a civilian it’s hard to imagine what’s it’s really like to be a soldier in combat but this book opened my eyes. I highly recommend it …” KTHuffy, 4 Stars Amazon USA.

“I am an ex soldier who served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and this is an excellent account of what it was like. I only wish we had an officer like Captain Clarke.” pm, 5 Stars Amazon UK

“…Contact is one of the best military stories that I have ever read and I recommend it to you in the highest terms; it’s a book from a past conflict that has timely and resonant lessons for a present one.”  5 Stars Amazon, Steven McLaughlin, Author of Squaddie: A Soldier’s Story

“I am an ex soldier who served in Northern Ireland during the troubles and this is an excellent account of what it was like. I only wish we had an officer like Captain Clarke”. pm 5 Stars

CONTACT was first published in the UK in 1983 by Martin Secker & Warburg, was serialized for 5 days in The Mirror, became an instant best seller and made into an award-winning film by BBCTV.  The new ebook edition is still selling strong all these years later.



Rufus Reed, ex-British Special Forces, is falsely accused of terrorism and ruthlessly questioned at a CIA “Black Site”. He’s not only up against his captors but powerful conspirators fighting for their own end games from across the globe and to the highest levels of the US Government, the Knesset and the Vatican. But nothing is quite what it seems, and Rufus is no ordinary prisoner. As events escalate with intriguing twists and turns he propels the action to a surprising conclusion.

Rufus Reed, ex-British Special Forces, is falsely accused of terrorism and ruthlessly questioned at a CIA “Black Site”. But he’s no ordinary prisoner. Always 10 steps ahead, he confounds his captors revealing they may all be pawns in an insidious deadly game. As events escalate, powerful conspirators from Hong Kong, Jordan, Italy, the Middle East to top levels of the US Government, the Knesset and the Vatican make their move. But nothing is as it seems. As multilayered conspiracies unravel, the story rushes to a surprising conclusion.

 “…The story has all of the intrigue of a ‘Bond’ novel, villains taken from ‘today’s headlines’, and an insight into the political world that we are all suffering the repercussions from. I’d highly recommend it.” Rex Piano – Award Winning Film Director

“… riveting, thought provoking, ‘can’t put the book down’ reading. AFN Clarke’s writing draws me in and keeps me captivated until the very end.  Intense, passionate, intelligent writing.  Don’t miss this!” Rebecca Fisk. 5 Stars.

By David George Clarke   5 Star Format:Kindle Edition  “This political thriller is superbly written and for much of it the reader could be forgiven for thinking he or she had picked up the latest from Le Carré. …. If you like thrillers with a difference, ones that make you think long and hard about the modern world, An Unquiet American is well worth reading.”



On her mother’s death, Nikki Kimble searches for her father and answers to a lifetime of questions. When she finds him on a battered yacht in the Florida Keys their worlds collide and sparks fly.  Can their fragile bond survive the truth that neither of them are ready to hear? Or be repaired by their need for love, acceptance, and belonging? This dramatic, moving and inspirational novel about the power of the human spirit to overcome all odds will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

After Nikki Kimble’s mother dies, she searches for her father, finding him in the Florida Keys living on a battered yacht. Like the approaching hurricane, their past threatens to consume them as they have to face the painful truth about each other. This dramatic, moving and inspirational novel explores love, loss and betrayal as well as the power the strength of the Human Spirit to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles that Life places in our way. (496)

“…AFN Clarke captures a father and daughter reconciliation in a poignant, gripping and heartfelt way. It’s a story which mirrors the journey many of us take in life … As a reader I felt both challenged and uplifted by this book… I highly recommend it.” 5 Stars, Roma Gaster.


THE BOOK OF BAKER: Part One – Dreams from the Death Age

THE BOOK OF BAKER is a satirical look at life in the future when all our current explanations of the Meaning of Life through religion, politics and social structure fall apart. A comedy of cosmic proportions from a writer with a rascally sense of humor and a “nothing-is-sacred” attitude.

In Part One, Sean Baker writes a bestselling book – Dreams from the Death Age – based upon a manuscript from an ancient civilization he finds on the slopes of Mount Saint Helen’s in Oregon. This sets in motion events with both hilarious and disastrous consequences.  With laugh out loud characters, an irreverent dig at politics, religion, sex and spirituality and flashes of insight that only humor can bring, we see life through different eyes and consider what’s important in our future! (78/497)

“…a wild ride… real page turner … the characters are richly drawn… intelligent and clever writing keeps you pondering how much truth is hidden in the story…. Baker instills hope for the future, remorse for the present and memories of the past.” Karen C 5 Stars.

THE BOOK OF BAKER: Part Two – Armageddon

ARMAGEDDON is as much of a wild-ride, as irresistibly funny and full of the same irreverent humor, colorful characters and quizzical situations as DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE, the first book in the BOOK OF BAKER series.

As the chaos on the planet deepens Leandra Loveless, the US National Security Adviser, capitalizes on President Slusch’s slide into insanity by seizing power and declaring herself in charge of the Government. To deflect attention from the administration’s incompetence, her first act is to plot nuclear war against the unarmed East African Nation of Ganjania.

Her farcical attempt to fabricate evidence of the country’s increasing military might is pure comedy, but takes a deadly turn when reports are sent to the other side of the globe and used to order Captain Elizabeth Bueno, the Commander of the aircraft carrier USS Kilehuela, to bomb the hell out of Ganjania.

Problem is, Bueno’s own intelligence provides not one shred of evidence for the country’s guilt. Assisted by a few familiar and whimsical characters from DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE and by Sean, Dawn and their small band of followers, Captain Bueno discovers only a peace loving, intelligent and highly conscious society that seems light years ahead of everyone else in the so-called civilized world.

As volcanoes, earthquakes and floods erupt around the globe and as an inconceivably devastating tsunami rushes towards the Ganjanian coast, her heart quickens and her choice to act becomes more urgent. Does she follow orders, stay true to her oath to serve her country and destroy what could be an unarmed country killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians?

Or hold that allegiance to a different moral standard and take the overwhelming risk of following her conscience and defying her government? And if she stands defiant and is wrong – what then?

What happens will surprise you.



COLLISIONS is is AFN Clarke’s first work of fiction after his bestselling nonfiction book, “Contact”. The story centers around David Trowse, who is close to the edge of death and close to losing his mind. In the process of convalescence, he tries to ravel together fragments from his past – civilian and military – to revive old interests, old acquaintances and find the common thread of his life again. But the fragments from the past obstinately refuse to fit; anachronisms begin to jar, old relationships are inexplicably tangled with the new and the pattern that ought to emerge keeps lurching alarmingly into nightmare.

David Trowse’s expertise with machinery, weapons and tactics, begins to play him false: the talents of a severely practical life start to betray him as reality takes on the aspects of fantasy. The contradictions rush together in a series of increasingly violent collisions, and accelerate to a petrifying climax that casts into doubt reality itself.

This is a both fascinating and disturbing book, a look inside the mind of a well trained killer who is also a creative, caring, soulful individual who has undergone violent, traumatic, life-threatening and heart-wrenching experiences, and is trying to find his mental, emotional and spiritual center again.

**For adult readers only**

COLLISIONS draws on AFN Clarke’s near death experiences after being medevacced from Crossmaglen to a Military Hospital in Belfast at the end of his second tour as a Platoon Commander with Britain’s elite Parachute Regiment during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, and then undergoing a series of life saving surgeries the following year. It sheds light on similar PTSD experiences of many in our armed forces. Readers beware – the violence is graphic as is the language frank – but the authenticity of the experience requires it, requires the reader to “enter the mouth of the dragon” and feel the fire within.

“AFN Clarke’s first book, CONTACT, caused a furore in its devastatingly honest portrayal of the realities of the life of a soldier in Northern Ireland.  COLLISIONS, his first novel, displays a parallel talent.  Mesmerically gripping and profoundly disturbing, this is a voice that commands attention.” (From the dust jacket of the first edition)

4.0 out of 5 stars. A gripping, fascinating psychological journey! November 7, 2012  By Paul Buckingham.  “ …This is a must read for anyone captivated by the process of psychoanalysis, the horror of war and the normality that every day life brings. It’s a story in which each of these three worlds interact beautifully and by the end left me gasping for air and relieved by its ordinariness.”

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