With the Supreme Court probably set to repeal parts of, or most of, President Obama’s Health Care policy, I still sit here after 25years in the USA and marvel at how Americans remain so blinkered about a National Health Service that means everyone gets health care for a few cents more on their tax bill.  Yes just a few cents.

Nearly every American I talk to about a National Health Service spins off into a rant about Socialism, Communism and every other ‘…ism’ they can think of, and always end up by saying the American System of Private Extortionate Health Care is the Best-In-The-World.


If it is the best in the world how come, according to the CIA fact book, does the USA rank 49th in the world in Infant Mortality, with more infant deaths than every Western and Asian country that has a National Health Service? If the US had the best Medical System in the world, it would have the lowest Infant Mortality Rate.

It baffles the brain.

Another fact about nations with a National Health Service that Americans do not understand, is that they have a Private Insurance system as well, giving people that sacred cow that Americans think they invented, “Freedom-of-Choice”.  In the USA there is no freedom of choice.  With massive deductibles on every policy, any sick person in the USA is going to pay thousands of dollars they cannot afford, possibly lose their home, car, and every thing else they own because the health care insurance companies find a way to deny payment if they think they are going to lose money. Getting ‘Permission’ for life saving surgeries comes down to the Insurance Companies evaluating their monetary risk and profit margin.

Land of the Free?

Absolutely not. Health Care is a Human Right, not a ‘Benefit’.