This morning an article appeared online that had me looking around to see if, mysteriously, I had somehow drifted back in time to the late 1960s.

Apparently the US Federal Government has had to drop all charges against a Doctor, who allegedly (I learned to use that phrase so as not to invite charges against me) illegally sold prescription medications online. According to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) there was too much evidence taking up too much storage space on their global servers.

Holy crap! I hear everybody saying, that must be huge, especially as the DEA says that the evidence took up 5% of their global digital storage capacity and is far too expensive to maintain.

Well if we were living back in 1969 the amount of storage would have been enough to run every single computer on earth several times over.

And how much storage space did all this evidence use?



Now I don’t know about everybody else out there in domestic bliss land using personal computers for videos, photos, emails, word processing, spreadsheets, charts etc etc, but I carry a tiny little portable external drive around with me that has a ONE TERABYTE storage capacity. Not withstanding the other external drives I leave at home and the capacity within my laptop itself. So I have more than TWO TEREABYTES just for my own use as a fun loving individual and author.

For about $300 I can buy a small portable external storage device that has more than THREE TERABYTES and if I feel I need huge capacity I can buy a couple of small Raid storage systems with TWENTY FOUR TERABYTES that easily fits on the 35ft sailboat my wife and I live and work on, for another $5,000.

So if my math is correct, after spending $25,000 on Raid storage I can have more than quadruple the digital storage on my little boat, than the entire DEA Global Computer Digital Storage Capacity. And the evidence against the Doctor would take up less than 1% of my personal storage capacity.

Now if you believe the DEA you’ll believe anything, and I’d like to sell you Buckingham Palace along with the Feudal rights to the title Queen of England.

Doesn’t it scare the hell out of any fun loving, free, tax paying citizen to think that we as individuals have more computing power than a Federal Agency of the most powerful nation on earth, or is this some devious DEA misinformation strategy to fool the world’s drug cartels?

Either way, we are again entering ‘The Federal Twilight Zone’ of complete incompetency. These people cannot organize a ‘piss-up in a brewery’.

No wonder the country is going to-hell-in-a-hand-cart, and our prospective candidates for the Presidency care more about mud slinging than creating a just, caring, economically stable society.

As an author I just couldn’t make this stuff up, because nobody would believe me. But then again, I don’t work in Government.

Perhaps I should just spend $25,000 and rent out my storage space to the DEA for a ridiculous sum of money per month. It would be a way of recouping some of my taxes.

Oh well back to reality now, and another day adding to my own storage as another book is almost ready for launch.