Tagg Romney figuratively leaps to the aid of his father. “I wanted to take a swing (at the President)…..” he said in an interview.


Because President Obama simply said “That’s not true” to Tagg’s Dad, Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney.

Doesn’t this smack of schoolboy racist spite? Not to mention an unsettling degree of violence aimed at President Obama?

Hey kid, it’s the President you are talking about here and he’s not an ‘uppity black man who doesn’t know his place’, which is exactly how your remark sounds. To you, Tagg, it is perfectly okay for Dad Willard to ferociously attack the President, but when the President pushes back you want to ‘take a swing’ at him. Really? And by the way, President Obama never said Willard was a liar, he just said that the statements that Willard made were untrue. Even Candy Crowley backed the President up on one occasion, when Willard ferociously and meanly said that the President was soft on terrorism, intimating that President Obama sided with the terrorists.

Who gave the order to take out Osama Bin Laden?

If this doesn’t trouble the American people then they are really not paying attention. For ‘Tagg’ to even mention violence against another person is not a ‘joke’, it is what he really thinks, and anyone who doesn’t think that this remark shows latent ‘racism’, then they are really not up on their psychological profiling and better watch more ‘Criminal Minds’.

What you say does reflect what you think, and there is an arrogant sense of entitlement  and superiority that oozes, like Willard’s phony smile, from the GOP Candidate’s camp that is troubling to say the least. Not to mention the ‘binders full of women’ comment during the debate, that really pissed off most of the world’s women.  Especially since it’s been revealed that he never actually gave women a thought in the context of that story, and never asked for ‘binders full of women’ in the first place, like he said he did.

We are beginning to see Willard “Mitt” Romney the Bully coming out now. The wealthy Bully that always got his own way with threats, sneers, put-downs, and money to do whatever he wanted. And when a Black President stands up and says ‘No’ Willard loses his sense of decency, and the cowardly bully steps forth into the bright sunshine to be seen for what he is. A see-through cardboard cutout, with only contempt for everyone around him.

Arrogance, ideology, rich white male entitlement attitudes and bullying are what got us into the Iraq War, destroyed the economy of this country and pretty much the rest of the world, and threatens to do the same all over again if Willard “Mitt” Romney is somehow elected President. I wrote about it in my book AN UNQUIET AMERICAN and lampooned it in DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE  and ARMAGEDDON from THE BOOK OF BAKER series.

We do not need another Right Wing, Ideological, Self-Centred, Wealthy White Male leading this country to disaster yet again.

Just to be clear, THE BOOK OF BAKER series was written and published in print form in 2003 and 2004 respectively, and lampoons ‘cult religions’ that ‘find’ books, or tablets or golden plates in forests or on mountain tops that form the basis of ‘cult religions’. And then use those cults to run a Presidential Election Campaign. Never did I think when I wrote the books that it would come true so quickly.

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