Here we go all over again.

The Republicans in the Senate have agreed to a small tax hike on those families earning over $450,000 and single people over $400,000. Whatever the Liberals may think, this is a major concession, a slaughtering of the ‘No Tax Increase’ Sacred Cow Mantra that the Republican Party has been loathe to abandon. For their part they want some of the Liberal Democrat Sacred Cows to be slaughtered too. Those being cuts to entitlement spending.

America is a capitalist country, like it or not, and that means that there will be cuts to social programs, like it or not.

The Presidential election was fought over the economy and taxes on the super rich. It was not won on keeping the Sacred Cow of ‘Hands Off Social Programs’ much as I and some others would like those to remain intact.

Yet again Republicans in the House have not heard the American People and continue to squabble like spoiled children over who is entitled to the last scoop of Rocky Road Ice Cream, and cannot even agree with Republicans Senators. Remember the vote in the Senate supporting the Bill was 89-8. Eric Cantor seems intent on destroying the American economy.

The Republicans are using the Debt ceiling as leverage for cuts in Social Programs and the Liberal Democrats are using the Fiscal Cliff blame game as leverage. For God’s sake people think about what you are doing and the effects on the Global economy. Raise your heads above your cloistered banalities and take a look around, then do a deal that will be good for everyone.

The definition of Compromise is that both parties to the deal hurt a little bit. Nobody is going to get what they really want, but each will get some of what they want. So stop the petty partisan bickering and get your useless asses moving for the good of the American people and the global economy. Otherwise the rest of the world will just abandon you and if you think they cant, then take your balls in your hands and jump off the Fiscal Cliff. The Rest of the World is getting pretty fed up with being held hostage to the US economy, so they will just go and play their own game amongst themselves and let America fizzle out in its own myopic ridiculousness.

At this stage of the proceedings, both Liberal Democrats and Tea Party Republicans are to blame for the impasse. How about a New Year’s Resolution for 2013.

“We the Senators and Congressmen and Women of the United States will work for the People of the United States of America, and not our own petty greedy little selves.”

Is that too much to ask?