Donald Trump needs to check himself into a clinic for the mentally unstable after his idiotic big announcement.


If there any things that are as predictable as ‘Death and Taxes’, it is the complete idiocy of Donald Trump. From his ridiculous hair, his cherubic pert little mouth, snake eyes and an ego bigger than any of his buildings, this man is the embodiment of a mean, greedy Plutocratic publicity whore. A bully who made his name firing people on TV, after he nearly lost his crumbling empire through mismanagement and greed, losing over $2 billion.

“The Donald” is probably a more derisory name than ‘Dick’ – and we’ve already had one of those. Just take his insane, illogical, idiotic ‘Birther’ stance as a very public example. And even though President Obama completely annihilated him in a Press Club speech the night Osama bin Laden was killed, “The Donald” still thinks that the ‘Birther’ argument has legs. Here is a man who has enough money to pay people to say anything…

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